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  Each cover had this red perforated box on them at top right.  In most cases the affixed stamps cover this box.  




  Many senders wrote their address on reverse.  (I have disguised this one.)  THEN the Tax Dept sold the envelopes!  Amazing.  


Lets be totally honest here ... it is pretty rarely we ever thank the dreaded "fiscal fiend" for anything, but there is always a FIRST time for everything!

Over a decade ago I was able to obtain (and all are guaranteed to have been obtained 100% legally, I hasten to add!) an exciting hoard of covers all similar design to the one shown above.  Each cover is an OFFICIAL issue (collectible in itself), Australia Post business size envelope, with the official Australia Post logo, addressed to Federal Tax Departments in the various states.

The idea behind it was that you used this special envelope to priority lodge your tax return, and you paid $A20 for the Express Post and handling fee to do this promptly.  In the top right hand corner there is a cute stamp-like box, complete with fake perforations, which requests that you "AFFIX $20 IN POSTAGE STAMPS HERE."   The large $20 stamp generally covers part or all this box of course - the cover shown above was an aberrant one that did not!

The vast majority of Post Offices licked on one of those fearfully boring white "supermarket ticket" PCC counter register labels denominated "$20" on the space, and that sufficed as postage.

VERY few P.O.'s even then carried $A20 stamps at any time, and in the cases where P.O.'s DID affix "real" stamps, they used either $A5 or $A10 values to make up the $A20.  Most of what I bought had those, and i used them off for used copies pretty much.  The scarce ones just have a single $A20 stamp! 

These are the beautiful $A20 John Glover "Van Dieman's Land" Painting stamps of 1990, with gold foiled "$A20" and "Australia."  This is all but impossible to find in USED condition. The few that were used went on heavy overseas parcels, got battered about and are often badly damaged, and thus seldom come back to Australia either way.

Used examples of this handsome $A20 Painting (no higher face value stamp has EVER issued in Australia) are naturally incredibly elusive, and sell retail for approximately $A15 each retail.  The Stanley Gibbons catalogue has this stamp listed off cover as S.G. #1201a, catalogued at £14 each ( = $A35) in used condition, which is nearly as much as it is catalogued in mint condition!

Anyway, whether you want to soak them off as used copies, sell or swap or HOARD them, this is a great offer.  This is 100% OFFICIAL Australia Post Stationary, each bearing an $A20 stamp, and will always be keenly regarded.  Each bundle of 10 has a mix of originating offices, and state destinations.

All are GUARANTEED to have been Postally Used in the mid 1990s when this system was initiated.  They all went through the mail system and were machine opened by government offices upon arrival.  Condition is generally fairly good, with the inevitable transit blemishes and regular faults here and there, as is clearly to be expected with this kind of 100% legitimate commercial postal (versus "philatelic"!) useage.

Why not "tuck away" a bundle today at way UNDER used stamp Gibbons catalogue prices!  Remember the catalogue prices given are for OFF-COVER $A20 stamps.  I feel ON-COVER $A20's, used exactly for the only correct rate,  should be several times the off cover price.  And one day they WILL surely be rated thus.  The "Australian Commonwealth Specialist's Catalogue" lists these at $25 each on cover or parcel piece.   And that is a VERY outdated book now.

I also have a small number of the same covers with either 4 x $5 Gardens (not many of those) or 2 x $10 Gardens.  They are far less common of course than a single $20, as the $20 was far simplest for PO staff to affix.  You can mix and match $5 and $10 for prices below.  All look to be machine opened.

If you want FIVE x $10x 2, and 5 x $20, the price for that is below.

* Per 10 Envelopes, each with the scarce $A20 stamp:  $A160

* Per 50 Envelopes, each with a single $20 stamp:         $A600

* Per 10 Envelopes, each with 2 x $10 Gardens:             $A115

* Per 50 Envelopes, each with 2 x $10 Gardens:             $A400

* Per 10 Envelopes – 5  EACH  of the above types :        $A140

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It is certain this cover will never again be available in such a form to a dealer.  The $A20 Painting stamp has long been discontinued -- now Post Offices nearly all have the computer "supermarket ticket" type counter label machines.

The fact these covers ever reached my hands caused a mini riot in the Taxation Department.  And how.  Some of the envelopes, as you can imagine, had taxpayer names and addresses written on the back.  A total privacy breach, and after this "leak" of covers the dike was plugged tight ... NO more covers drifted out in the 12 years since that I have heard of.

Imagine buying a bulk lot of say the £2 Navigator on cover for a few dollars - they sell today off cover for $A80 each and on-cover this stamp has NEVER been sighted in 25 years of trading, by leading dealers like Rodney A. Perry ... see the Magazine story about that, and such correct use on cover would be worth many $A100s today. 

Remember this useage is the ONLY way a $A20 stamp could legitimately be used on a standard envelope.  They will be KEENLY sought in the future by collectors for that reason.  Solo use on cover of Australian stamps is really gaining a following in recent years, and this of course is the TOUGH Decimal one to secure!

This offer is strictly "subject unsold" as demand will be substantial. "First In, First Served."



Payment via 'real' credit cards possible!  


Every credit card shown is accepted WITHOUT fee from me.  Earn Frequent Flier points
while buying at bargain prices.  I charge NO nasty, nasty 15-20% "Buyer's Commission" on stamps
like every "Auction" does.


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Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for over 25 years.

Life Member - American Stamp Dealers' Association.  (New York) 
Also Member - Philatelic Traders' Society.  (London)  ANDA. (Melbourne)  American Philatelic Society, etc

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