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*EXCITING STOP PRESS* - Current $1.20 peel and stick - save $600 the box! - In the past I have NEVER had the current letter rate stamps in peel and stick rolls for sale at well under face. Bought a Sprintpak printer carton, with 20 x sealed boxes of 100 x $1.20 = 2,000 stamps in the box. “Native Animals" - Platypus etc. Very pretty designs - issued January 3. The letter rate increased to $1.20 in January, 2023, so these will be historically valid for you to use for YEARS - so do stock up while you can - last price increase was way back in January 2020. A business bought them to do a client mail out, but decided to use a mass email program instead, as they could attach detailed PDF images that way, and save a ton of money on post and printing. Months on, they had dumbly misplaced their receipt to get a PO refund, so sold them to me a little less than this, as they had saved $1000s anyway.

These are guaranteed 105% GENUINE, Australia Post produced stamps. Near everything on FakeBay now are Chinese forgeries. The fakes cost more than this, and YOU (not the seller!) are breaching The Crimes Act Of Australia to use them in the mail. PO mail centre scanners detect the fakes instantly due to lack of correct activating ‘tagging’. Spiv sellers show stock images of PO boxes etc on FakeBay, but mail you forged flat strips 5 of 10 etc ‘to pack easier for you’. MINE are genuine, printed in Melbourne and not Shanghai! - $2,400 face for $1,800 - save $600! 1, 2, 3 or 5 on an envelope and that covers all rates up to 500g. FAST and easy to mail your goods. 'Time is Money.' You’ll never see these again for this low - grab them NOW! When they are gone, they are gone forever. In these toughest of economic times saving $600 is a huge plus. Buy at $A600 UNDER face - $A1,800 CASH. (Stock 482KA)



Buy Mint Australian Stamps 
at well below actual FACE value!!
Save many $100s over Post Office cost 


I have right now (and nearly always have a similar quantity on hand) about $20,000 of mint with full gum postage stamps to sell well under face value, for use on postage and parcels.  In recent years this material has dried up a LOT in the stamp trade.

In 2023 it has near evaporated.  Dealers often need to pay 80% face to other dealers for large mailouts at times.  Often more if there is a “wholesale drought” that week. That has never occurred before - this material is now TOUGH to source.  

Even a very large stamp dealer I know, has needed to buy his last tranches for a large monthly catalogue mailout from his PO, the first time he has needed to do that in 30 years!  What you “used” to be able to buy, and what you “used” to be able to pay for it, has all changed in the past couple of years.

There is right now, 10 times more demand than supply these days for “discount postage”.  Thousands of ebay sellers etc happily buy $1,000 of older stamps for ~$750 off stamp dealers, as it is a huge and legal, and ongoing saving on a large scale.

Licenced Post Offices, of which there are 1,000s nationally, only get about 15% discount off face from Australia Post, so $1,000 of stamps costs them $880, so my deal of $750 is clearly attractive - even to them!  They generally do not care if they need to lick on a block of 10 x 24¢ or 36¢ or 60¢ on any large letter, if it saves THEM 15% more money.

The stamps are Australia (near all) plus a few Australian Antarctic Territory, Cocos Island, and Christmas Island decimal currency period stamps - a very pretty assembly.  All these stamps are valid for use on local or overseas mail - on all letters and parcels of course. 

I can sell you official REGISTERED MAIL tracking labels too, if you need those.  Fully tracked via the AP System and parcels and packets received MUST sign for them, unlike the Red and White PO labels where parcels can be left at front doors by drivers and get stolen.  You retain the peel off section for your proof of posting.  You can enter these into the ebay dispatch system, and they are fully integrated and tracked.  No more costly fake “Goods not received claims” locally, meaning you need to cough up the FULL refund even if buyer has stolen your goods.  Compensation for lost or damaged items. You can of course also lodge them in red street mail boxes - first mail centre they enter scans them in. PO cost $193.50.  Price $A175 for box 50 labels, or A$650 for 4 boxes, whilst my small supply lasts. (Stock code 375RK)

Depending on the quantity of mint stamps you order, you will save a TON on your postage costs.  A lot of Post Office staffers are lazy, and prefer to print white labels, as that is fast. They will often say “you cannot use stamps on parcels”.  NONSENSE.  If you have licked $20.05 of stamps onto a local parcel (good for up to 5kg nationally amazingly!) you need not pay one cent more at counter. 

 Right now I can sell you $A500 face value of MINT for $A390 cash*!   (Stock code 375RT)

Buy $1,000 face value for just $A750 cash* (Stock code 375RV)

You save a cool $250.   No GST, or 20%-25% auction “Buyer Fee” is added to your invoice either as in stamp Auctions.  I can tailor a package to suit your needs.  CATALOGUE value will be many times face value most times.  Generally these are in full sets .... I can very often supply the entire order in the attractive Post Office Presentation Packs and albums etc - where the stamps are fresh, clean, mint unhinged as bought from the Post Office, and all in complete sets.  Or sometimes in mint blocks 4 that collectors often bought of each new issue etc.  

You get what I get.  All bagged into $250 and $500 bags of face value for easy checking your end.  Sets, blocks, Post Office packs, and often stamp booklets. Whatever mint stamps collectors are selling off that week/month, is what I mail out.  Don’t contact me asking for 1000 x $1.20 peel and stick $1.20 stamps in rolls for $750.  This will never happen.  To save $250 you will need to do some work your end - that’s the deal, and for most folks, legally saving $250 is well worth the effort.

Armies of folks are running eBay mail order businesses from home these days, and posting out things that cost many $$’s a sending.  If a packet costs $20 to mail, charge the client $25 “post and pack” and if those $20 of stamps on parcel come from me at $15 cost, you MAKE an extra $10 profit on each parcel - more profit than you make on the goods inside in many cases!  Often those folks leave glowing feedback - “really pretty stamps used on package” etc.  Most non-collectors really ENJOY getting a range of real stamps, in this era of worthless white labels and plastic pre-paid mailing bags!

The PO packs or blocks are absolutely perfect for anyone sending out philatelic mail to clients ... either here or overseas.  OR also perfect for folks overseas placing mint Australia sets up for sale on eBay etc.  Much of what I sell you, retails for WAY above face value - several times what you pay ME for it.  AND the sturdy PO packs make for instant and free packaging for your sendings on smaller lots.

As I have no retail shop outlet, and do not do fairs or eBay etc, I remove NOTHING from these runs of PO packs and mint stamp runs. You get what was in the Estate - ALL of it!  ALL the red hot thematic/topical packs are in there. Contrast this to some offerings in the trade or auction, where the better stuff is all removed, and just the utter ugly DREGS are sold off!

And remember, those Post Office packs originally cost 45¢ MORE than face value to buy from the Post Office.  Buy $A1,000 face value in packs off me for $A750 and you are getting something that cost the original buyer around $A1,400 from Australia Post.  You are paying me about HALF the original PO cost!

A very heavy surface mail parcel Sydney to Perth or Darwin etc, often exceeds $100+ these days.  A medium weight air parcel to USA or Europe often costs $200.  A heavy 20kg air parcel to Europe/Rest of World costs $500+ – check it out.  If you use my stamps to mail that parcel, and you simply charge your client the actual face value of franking used, you pocket $150 or so as your EXTRA PROFIT by buying your franking under face. I also sell mint with gum INTERNATIONAL stamps well under face - ask me what you need.

Or, if you run a small business or want to impress the boss with your business savvy - save your company $100's today!  I sell a LOT of this material to businesses who are NOT connected with stamp collectors.  They report getting REALLY positive comments and feedback from recipients when the parcel they paid $20 shipping for, arrives with $15 of pretty STAMPS on it (that you paid $11¼ for!) that can be snipped off and given to their children or a relative, or a charity etc.  You SAVE money, and you also DELIGHT customers used to a sea of boring white “POST PAID” labels.  WIN-WIN all round.

If you are in business where clients can order what you sell from many different suppliers, using real STAMPS is often a reason clients stick with you, and do not choose a competitor - think about it.  A deal breaker if asking price is the same.  A parcel covered with a half dozen colourful stamps or blocks is a WELCOME sight to many recipients.  Moreso in this day and age, where worthless white labels and pre-paid satchels rule near supreme via last Post Offices.

In Australia, postal rates are very easy to pre-determine using their online page.  You can pre-frank small packets and small parcels, and there are no issues when taken to PO.  Indeed most of them fit into the very widespread red PO roadside boxes, (which accept surprisingly, very large parcels) and if correctly franked, there is no issue with that, and no need to go near a PO with most of them.  Post by Sunday afternoon and your same 50k area local buyers get the mail next morning, most times.  

Full commemorative sets or mini sheets, lightly cancelled are generally worth far MORE than face value when lightly used. So using these on mail is a VERY much appreciated gesture by those receiving them.  Indeed, the universally used Stanley Gibbons catalogues often prices FINE USED stamps from this era at MANY times their face value.  

Many dealers mail heavy parcels overseas, have them lightly cancelled, and ask the sender to mail the used stamps back, which are still worth at retail, as much or MORE used as they paid me for them!  Permanent "FREE POSTAGE" for you if you are organised enough to do this.  Do NOT pay full face to the PO, when you can save $100's and buy off me! 

Indeed your mail recipients can often pop up their cancelled frankings on eBay etc for sale, and get near their full postage cost back from them, as many have discovered is possible!  A superb way to build good client rapport, and repeat orders.  Indeed they can often get back MORE than they paid, as I prove every week -

I am Sydney's best known and most aggressive STAMP BUYER.  Google “stamp buyer” and see for yourself.  No#1 match globally.  My Yellow Pages ads, stamp magazine ads, internet ads, and 45 years of strong word of mouth ensures I get a CONSTANT stream of this material coming to me for purchase.  I often buy collections containing runs of mint blocks of 4 or larger, spanning 30 or 40 years. 

Face value of these is often around $A1,000.  I simply total up the face value, add a small mark-up to my buy price, and sell it to you for $A750.  You save $250 buying this off me and using it on your mail, and selling off, or keeping the better items, and using up the rest.  Anything with gum issued after 1966 is still 100% legal to use, and is a HUGE cost saver for many small businesses.

This is important.  NOTHING is cherry picked or removed by me.  I do not stock or sell single modern sets, and therefore do NOT take out the good thematic items as some/many other dealers do when THEY sell postage.  When you buy from me you do NOT get useless and ugly philatelic "dregs".  You get the LOT - just as it comes.

I can sometimes offer stamps in full MUH sheets of 50 or 100 that some investor bought years back.  20¢, 33¢, 45¢, 50¢, 55¢ and 60¢ etc, were commonly bought in full mint sheets by investors as they were the common letter rate values at the time.  Remember Australia has not made legal tender circulating 1¢ or 2¢ coins since 1991 – over 30 years.  Australia Post has not issued any stamps below 5¢ since 1988. 

So a $1 and a 20 ¢, or a pair of 60¢, or 4x30¢ etc, all make the correct current $1.20/$2.40/$3.60 domestic letter and large letter rates, and all were heavily used letter rate values.  I often have these in full sheets, part sheets, or in mint blocks etc.

All transactions in Australian retail commerce are by law, "rounded up".  I am advised that 2 x 43¢ and 1 x 33¢ (all 3 were heavily bought letter rate) on an envelope is fully acceptable to pay $1.20 letter postage.  Your PO cannot sell you a 1¢ or 2¢ stamp or even a label, so can hardly expect you to add one to a letter franked with $1.19!  And even if they could, you have no 1¢ or 2¢ coins to pay them - nor for them to give you as change from a silver coin.

**WARNING**  - Do NOT buy “no gum” - or stamps pre-affixed to envelopes franking off ebay etc, as it is 99% illegally removed/”recycled” from already used in mail charity kiloware.  YOU commit the Federal Offence if you use it on mail - not the seller!  There is a 7 Year Prison Term maximum.  

Likewise, quantities of VERY recent $1.20 stamp material and pre-paid items and Registered satchels and Express Product offered on ebay etc, are almost certainly forged in China. This is pretty obvious, and the Federal Police track down users and buyers of it very vigorously, as Australia Post is owned by the Federal Government.  The tracking numbers when scanned in at your PO, are often recorded by the PO data base as being the stolen ones, and the trail leads directly back to YOU as sender!

Having said that, I bought up the unused stock of a mail order book business who had a lot of Express post and Parcel pre-paid bags and large pre-paid envelopes - even Platinum Express Post bags that I can sell cheap, as I cannot use them - MY stamp collector clients ONLY want real stamps on their mail.

Mint stamps in bulk are valuable, it is like mailing “cash”, so all sendings will be mailed via Registered and tracked, fully insured post for your protection, against theft, damage, or water damage etc.

Try a parcel today and check it out - in near 45 years of stamp dealing, not ONE has been returned!



Right now I can sell you $A500 face value of MINT for $A390 cash*! (Stock code 375RT)

 Buy $1,000 face value for just $750 cash* (Stock code 375RV)

These are all supplied in grouped bags of either $100 or $250 face value - exact face value is marked on each bag, to enable your easy checking of face etc.

* Prices above are for “cash” – i.e. money order, cheque, cash via Registered post, or bank transfer etc.  Credit cards or paypal payments will have 3% added for THESE items as my profit margin is tiny, to approved buyers.



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Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for 45 years. Life Member - American Stamp Dealers' Association. (ASDA - New York) Also Member - Philatelic Traders' Society (London) and IFSDA (Switzerland) and many other Global philatelic bodies

ALL Postage + Insurance is extra.  All lots offered are subject to my usual Conditions of Sale, copy upon request

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