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I am *NOT* responsible for:

1.  Unavailability of goods between list publication and ordering. In some cases different lists may show higher prices for items that are volatile in price.  In such cases the price in the most latest list posted, or the higher of the prices for the same item, shall be the current price.

2.  Goods opened or damaged or removed, or otherwise dealt with, or tampered with, by customs or postal authorities etc in the country of receipt, or in transit, and the end result of any such inspection etc.

3.  Any taxes or charges or fees etc, levied by foreign governments or authorities, such as GST, VAT, HST, fines, duties, levies, penalties, demurrage, etc.  However, I ALWAYS ship in ways to lessen attention from incoming scrutiny however, as outlined elsewhere, and near all clients report orders arrive with no penalty!

4.  Exchange rates, or surcharges, or user fees calculated by credit card companies and banks.  These are universal, and what the website currency converter shows as costing you $US104.28 or £56.74 etc on any given day, may vary a few % on your card account, due to card company surcharge policy, or fluctuating exchange rates.  I sympathise, but this is not my fault, and is near universal with credit cards these days.  In Australia if I buy an item overseas, ALL cards here add a flat 3% “foreign usage surcharge” AND give me a terrible exchange rate to boot, costing me 5% extra on anything. This is WHY we all LOVE banks!  NOTE: UK or NZ buyers can do local money online transfers to my bank using the widely used rate, hence avoiding all these fees.

5.  Non delivery of any goods posted to me, or from me, for whatever reason.  My liability shall be strictly limited to whatever sum may be paid or owed to the recipient or sender, by the postal authorities.  Notwithstanding this, pricier goods posted by me (unless specified otherwise in writing by the client) are sent by P.O. Insured or Registered Mail, both domestically and overseas.  During near 40 years in business virtually NOTHING has been lost or damaged via these secure methods.  If you wish to pay $4 local Registered label fee on a $60 item, (PO does not allow stamps to be used to pay the Reg’d fee) please specify that in writing on order form, as it will go normal mail usually etc, entirely at your risk.

6.  All claims and paperwork in respect to any loss or damage or delay, or postal non-delivery, shall be the responsibility of the purchaser, whether paperwork needs to be lodged in your own country, or via Australia Post, or both.  It is further understood and agreed that lodging any such claims within the statutory time limit applied by the postal authorities, shall also be the responsibility of the purchaser.

General Overview:

All orders placed with me shall be deemed as accepting and agreeing to these, and all and any other “Terms and Conditions Of Sale” found on this page and my website, and available on request by email.  All my advertisements both in print or electronic form, state that all goods are sold subject strictly to these “Conditions Of Sale” and have done so for 40 years.  All internet orders when submitted agree IN WRITING to have read and accepted these terms above.  If you do not agree to abide by these common sense terms, please do not order. Simple as that.

Any legal hearings or disputes relating to orders, payment, loss, description, quality, damage, shipping, delivery, or quality etc, shall be pre-agreed by both parties to be heard and resolved SOLELY by the legal system of New South Wales, Australia, and the laws and regulations and Tribunals and Courts of that state that I reside in.  Anyone not agreeing with this please remember this - as by ordering and agreeing to this, you waive your right to resolution via any court or resolution system outside of this state.  Some chap wanted to raise a silly minor matter locally in FLORIDA last year, for goodness sakes!  The locals tossed it out as utter nonsense thankfully, but it wasted hours of my time.

Thank you very much ....  Glen Stephens


Time and Temp in Sunny Sydney!




Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for 35 years. Life Member - American Stamp Dealers' Association. (ASDA - New York) Also Member - Philatelic Traders' Society

 (PTS London) and many other philatelic bodies.

ALL Postage + Insurance is extra. Visa/BankCard/MasterCard/Amex all OK, at NO fee, even for "Lay-Bys"!  All lots offered are subject to my usual Conditions of Sale, copy upon request .

Sydney's BIGGEST STAMP BUYER: Post me ANYTHING via Registered Mail for my same-day cheque.  Avoid copping the Now normal 45% Auction "Commissions" (20% Buyer + 15% Seller + GST, etc) AND their five-month delays!

 Read HERE for details.

"Lothl�rien", 4 The Tor Walk, CASTLECRAG (Sydney), N.S.W. 2068 Australia

Phone 7 Days: (02) 9958-1333 PO Box 4007, Castlecrag. NSW. 2068

E-Mail: The Number #1 Web Sites:  and


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I am a Proud Member Of :

Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for over 35 years.

Life Member - American Stamp Dealers' Association.  (New York) 
Also Member of; Philatelic Traders' Society (London)   IFSDA (Switzerland) etc

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