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The Scarcest Australian Decimal Regular Issue!
The "Australia 99" Fully IMPERFORATE Navigator Mini-Sheets.


The big surprise of this mega success story International stamp show.  Produced so that you could take them and have hand created “A99” perfins punched in.  NEITHER were on sale at Post Offices around the country, only by mail order, and even then they sold out in weeks after the show.  WELL worth socking away a handful - they ARE  catalogued and have album page provision in EVERY leading album in the world.  
For far more details on this issue - click here for my story that was published all over the world:

 Official PO figures indicate only about 15,000 IMPERF sets can exist, making it the scarcest post war regular Australian issue by far.  Fully catalogued and listed by Scott - their catalogue/retail on these for either Mint or Used is $US32 ($A45) a pair.  Gibbons catalogue price has jumped high as well. 

My price is - Set of 2 M/S, MUH: $A30.   5 sets:  $135  10 sets 2 m/s MUH: $A250.  25 sets: $A575,  

Or this month's super web special 60 sets $A1,000 = around $US750! 

I also have a VERY few official PO FDC sets on hand cancelled at the Exhibition.  I bought these on Day #1.  They are OFFICIAL PO unaddressed covers, each with an imperf MS and each with the special Koala Bear Exhibition April 19-22, 999  pictorial cancel.   They are RARE.   See photos below.

Per set $A60 - per 5 sets $A250.  Per 10 sets $A425



The IMPERFORATE Navigator mini sheets issued at the exhibition caused a sensation when it was discovered only 30,000 sets were issued - and about half of those received the "A99" perfin.  (See lowest sheet photo.)  The "brown" sheet all got a rare 15˝ perf gauge.  Therefore only 15,000 stamps can exist with that perf.

They are well catalogued in all international stamp catalogues.  See the official letter from Australia Post on these -

I have good stocks and these are easily the scarcest post-war Australia post issue.  Tuck a few sets away for the future - or your collection.

The Seven Seas "ASC" Catalogue value on this pair is $A120.  My special price is HALF Cat - $A70 a pair MUH.  5 sets for $A300.  10 sets for $A500

For far more details on this issue - click here:



Or to cover all bases - an IMPERF set, and an "A99" set MUH for $90.   5 sets $350.   10 sets $A600.             

I also have a small stock of freak perfs on this issue. Ask me for details.  Inverted perfins.  Wrong sheet in wrong machine perfins etc.  As the PO created these they are official PO issues.



A rare set. Official PO covers with the IMPERFORATE mini sheets! Prices above.



The 2 imperforate sheets at top, and one of the two "A99" perfin sheets at the base








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Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for over 25 years.

Life Member - American Stamp Dealers' Association.  (New York) 
Also Member - Philatelic Traders' Society.  (London)  ANDA. (Melbourne)  American Philatelic Society, etc

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