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Red Sea Terrorist - EXCHANGE RATE ADJUSTMENT on imported products below:  The current Yemeni ongoing Red Sea Terrorist attacks, and currency market uncertainty, due to the ugly Ukraine and the ever increasing Middle East Wars and tensions, has seen the Australian Dollar soften and fluctuate.  Far worse, as we know, due to the terrorist Yemen rebels Red Sea attacks on commercial shipping, cargo boats are now needing to route via the Cape Of Good Hope, and freight rates to here have hence soared 20%. The kilo cost of air shipping has also rocketed up, aviation fuel has increased a lot, and DHL/Fedex are now often needed, at Ransom Rates.  My landed cost of anything imported has also SOARED since, of course. 
All lots on this page, being fully imported from Europe,
will thus be invoiced at 10% higher than the older AUD prices shown here, until some normality returns.  With supplier base price hikes as well, I still am making WAY less than I was, even at that level.  Cost of a shipping container from Europe-Aust has skyrocketed in recent months etc.  Shipping from Europe to here is also taking 16-20 weeks by sea, not the usual 7 days airpost, unless you pay an absolute fortune for DHL/Fedex Express Courier etc.  But I *DO* have stocks of these items - so secure them NOW!   Glen


Genuine UK "Hagner" sheets.
 And quality Binder/Slipcases.
 Both offered here
DIRT cheap!


The landed cost of imported and 100% genuine British made Hagner storage sheets have increased in $A by more than 75% since January 2014!  In just 5 years, this is a larger base price rise, than in the previous 20 years. The new recommended retail of $A17.50 for a pack of 10 is not high really - - and even that is about to go up, so buying them in bulk below direct off me, saves you a FORTUNE!!  You can save literally more than 30% off Retail buying from me!

An even cheaper per page storage option involves German made “Lighthouse” stamp stockbooks, at well under the storage page cost of Hagners.  I have of course great deals on them here -

However for very many uses, Hagner sheets are simply indispensable, and if you want them for around $1 each in carton buys, THIS is the place to order them from – over 40% UNDER RECOMMENDED RETAIL in bulk buys!

The locally made “Kanga” and “Eureka” etc branded (and now often UNBRANDED!) stamp stock-sheets, were often sloppily made, and un-professionally packaged, and I refused to sell them, on that basis alone.  Strips fell off, and many pages literally fell apart due to sloppy guillotining etc. Buying official and genuine British made HAGNER sheets are a wise purchase. 

These 100% GENUINE Hagner Sheets come of course, all neatly cello packaged in TENS per size ex UK so your sheets stay dry and clean and fresh until you use them.  Factory cartons of each size are 400 .. i.e. if you use large numbers of #2s for FDC, order a factory carton of 400 etc.

I’ll say no more about quality and reliability of the copycats, but the reason you pay more for a Mercedes than a Ford Falcon is VERY evident after you compare the 2 next to each other. Both have 4 wheels and a motor - and there the similarity stops!  Only GENUINE Hagner sheets have the words ”HAGNER - MADE IN ENGLAND” colourless embossed along the base.  If it does NOT say that, you may possibly have a “Bangkok Rolex”.    

If you REALLY want to buy genuine European made Hagner Sheets -  below are my discount prices. If you want to take a chance on unknown origin, often poorly made, and untested, and often unbranded “copycat” type local made brands - well, you were warned.  It is YOUR money!   And YOUR stamps that may suffer long term.   Buying from Ebay etc you have no idea what you are really getting.   


  You simply tell me exactly WHICH packs you want to make up the 200 (or 400 or 800 etc) you are paying for.  You can  'mix and match'  however you wish, within each order - in your choice of packs of 10.

These are BEST quality European made sheets.  The original and the BEST - Market Leader for over 60 years.  British made Hagner System, genuine stock pages, are specified by many postal administrations throughout the world. Using a clear, fully synthetic adhesive, a crystal-clear polyester foil (free of softeners) which is strongly bonded to chemically neutral, tough, thick black photo-card. 

The different stock page sizes will accommodate singles, pairs or blocks, strips 5, Mini Sheets, maxi sheets, souvenir sheets, covers, FDC, booklets, Postcards, and many more items besides!  The possibilities are truly endless.

Carefully selected superior thick black card, made of homogeneous sulphite pulp is used, with Mylar® film, and ‘sized’ with saponified rosin size, so as not to give off colour. This card has a neutral pH value - no harmful acids that RUIN your stamps. Cheaper Acidic cardboard generates “rust” and foxing/toning.

It is over 60 years since these genuine HAGNER style stock sheets came onto the market, AND they have been constantly improved and subtly fine-tuned. Today they are renowned for their unsurpassed quality, ease of use, and ideal protection for stamps. Long term tests under extreme conditions have proven official “Hagner” stock sheets will retain their valuable properties over many decades.

Senior Collectors and Postal Administrations and Museums and dealers worldwide, rely on these genuine HAGNER brand stock sheets for the safe long-term storage and display of stamps. If these are the preferred medium of the professionals, they are PERFECT for you!

The size of the genuine Hagner standard stock-sheets is around A4 or ‘Quarto’ – i.e.  215 x 280 mm.  You can store them in nearly all standard main market 4 ring binders.  See the INSANELY low Deluxe Binder/Slipcase special discount offer below.  You NEED slipcases if you live in Australia, and want to curtail and combat rust/foxing/toning.

The pockets on the stock-sheets are approx the following heights in mm, from sheet #1, to sheet #8, in order:


242, 118, 79, 58, 46, 37, 32 and 28mm.



i.e. a #1 sheet (242mm deep) is large enough for a VERY large cover, a very large sheetlet, or a huge mini sheet like 'Ausipex 84' etc.  Right through to #8 size sheets, each of which can house 100s of the smallest size stamps - like the popular GB Machin heads etc. Size #3 or #4 is excellent for Australian mint blocks 4 etc.

Yes I CAN supply the DOUBLE sided Hagners - double sided are simply three times the prices below, but specify very CLEARLY if you want those.  Stock code for Double Sided has a “D”, so 200 x double sided, Size #3 is ordered as 20 x “HSD3” etc.  Hagner sell so few double sided globally, their prices are clearly higher due to the low volume, but some collectors prefer them.

You need to order a minimum of 10 of each different size in any order, as they are factory sealed packed in tens. So important - you must order as “HS1 x 1” if you want TEN sheets of #1 size, or “HS1 x 10” if you want 100 sheets of #1 etc.

You MUST specify as per below, how many of each size you need to make up your 200 or  400 or 800  order.  I cannot read minds!

Order exactly in format as follows in the sheet sizes you need. EACH size is in a sealed pack of 10.  Therefore “HS2 x 8” is EIGHTY sheets of 79 mm strips, or “Hagner 2” size.  If you carelessly order “HS 2 x 80” when you need 80 sheets, I will ship and charge you for 800 sheets. So THINK before typing please!

Please DO type it carefully, and DO type exactly in this format below, or your order is very likely to be messed up, costing you expensive postage to return the wrong sizes - or receiving 10 times more than you really wanted!

So your order to me for 200 sheets on the SECURE SITE email order form:  - should look exactly like this format below, but in the exact choice of sizes of packs 10 each size you need -

                                  HS1 x 1 - HS2 x 4 - HS3 x 5 - HS4 x 8 - HS5 x 2

i.e. this above is an order for 20 packs of 10 = 200 sheets etc.

HS 1
= 242 mm height pockets x 1 strip a page i.e.  #1 Size

HS 2 = 118 mm height pockets x 2 strips a page i.e. #2 Size

HS 3 =  79 mm height pockets x 3 strips a page i.e. #3 Size

HS 4 =  58 mm height pockets x 4 strips a page i.e. #4 Size

HS 5 =  46 mm height pockets x 5 strips a page i.e. #5 Size

HS 6 =  37 mm height pockets x 6 strips a page i.e. #6 Size

HS 7 =  32 mm height pockets x 7 strips a page i.e. #7 Size

HS 8 =  28 mm height pockets x 8 strips a page i.e. #8 Size

These above in photo are a few HS 7 size sheets – i.e. “7 strip” size


This is over 30% OFF single pack retail!!!  A First Class domestic letter in Australia now costs $1.50!  Indeed if you buy along with the binders/slipcases they work out at well under $A1 a sheet, as I discount those $100 further.  Buy up .....  I have 1000's here, and if $A Dollar keeps going down, or UK supplier unit prices increase again, the hence R.R.P. here price goes up, and so will these prices.  And supply issues are often CHRONIC, as sea stock takes 3 months to arrive, so order up big NOW!

200 sheets - $A330 (Stock 827WF)

400 sheets - $A565 (Stock 827WG)

600 sheets - $A820 (Stock 827WE)

800 sheets - $A950 (Stock 827WH)


Each lot of 200 weighs about 5 kilos.  So I can legally mail 800 in 1 carton, so 800 works out the most cost effective by FAR.  As you can see, bulk buying saves you over 30% off current retail (which is increasing soon anyway) - buy along with binders/slipcases deal below, and save even MORE!

400 or 600 or 800 often costs not much more postage than the 200 price shown here.  In some cases, like all of Sydney and a 50K radius Metro area of Sydney, 800 sheets costs EXACTLY the same $ cost as one carton of 200!   Odd but true.  800 Hagners will fit into ONE large box, meaning only ONE postage cost for you.  So buy more than you THINK you need, as you’ll save a ton on postage.  And you WILL use them up!   And guard against future price rises - $A landed prices have risen 75% in 4 years.  Bulk buying saves you heaps.  They are in sealed packs 10, for safe LONG storage until you need them.  

A Domestic SIGNED FOR Australia Post pre-paid label, is only a flat $5 extra each carton, on top of mail and packing cost, whether 200 or 400 or 600 or 800 is purchased, and/or binders.  And I CAN send 800 sheets as just one heavy carton, and still be just under the PO max 22KG weight limit.  (UK Factory cartons are 400 of each size.)

And of course I use light cancelled STAMPS on MY parcels!  So your shipment is often essentially “Post Free”, as the franking I use under plastic covering is worth MORE than you pay for shipping!  THAT is vitally important, as ordering elsewhere mostly gets you a worthless white label for your $40 shipping etc, not a superb used corner block of $10 Waratah stamps!

"Win, Win" for you – Parcel Postage is getting quite pricey these days, and if your seller uses a worthless white PO label YOU are getting ripped off.  I can mail these overseas for quite attractive rates - using VFU stamps – ask me.



In 45 years of stamp dealing I know one thing for sure -  you can NEVER have too many Hagner sheets.  NEVER!!!!  Yes, you WILL use 200, and you'll use them 3 times faster than you think.

Indeed, you will use 400 - trust me.  And often 800.  Get together with a few stamp friends and buy in bulk.  Ask around at the stamp club.  EVERYONE will buy 100 top quality GENUINE HAGNER storage sheets in their exact choice of sizes, at just over a buck apiece ... I can guarantee it!

And YOU keep the nice stamps off the parcel if you bulk buy on behalf of your Club members!  Light cancelled stamps are ALWAYS used on mailings from me so real cost to you is near ZERO!   OTHER suppliers very often use worthless white PO ink jet labels as PO clerks are lazy, and senders do not care about what YOU get re franking, as they are too busy to care to select useful franking.



Warning - NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER  buy second-hand Hagner style sheets.  You will pay nearly this price, and they may ruin your collection. FAST.  If stamps have been stored there before, that had rust/toning/foxing etc, that mould is silently and actively growing ON the black board already.  And it WILL get worse.  I can guarantee you that.

You often times cannot see it with the naked eye, but the tiny mould/rust spores ARE there, and getting worse each month.  It will attack your stamps within months when you neatly place your stamps right on the spores.  Buy NEW sheets - and never have this problem.  Do you use re-cycled oil from the garage in your car engine, as it saves a few dollars?      




Deluxe BLACK deep grained ‘Leather Look’ Binders
for your Hagner Sheets, along with the matching
‘Leather Look’ Slipcases, as low as $A40 a SET!


Superb big black real "leather look" jumbo thickness, with matching black heavy duty slipcase.   The photo above shows exactly what you will receive. (No stamps are on the Hagners of course!)   

These have the discreet 5 gold stripes on spine, and are superb.  Check the deep leather look graining .. they REALLY look classy, and are MILES better looking than some shiny vinyl things on sale for twice this price.  

5 or 10 of these on your bookshelf REALLY look classy.  Red, green and blue never looked like leather to me, as I cannot ever recall seeing a red, blue or green COW!  Do you?    

These have the LARGEST capacity you can buy.  Beware of thin spine binders, which often cost more, and of course store less sheets!  These wide spine 4 ring binders hold about 40-50 Hagner type sheets very comfortably in most cases, although if you store a lot of FDC or covers etc, on #1 or #2 size Hagner sheets, they hold a little less per album due to that thickness. 

So the 5 Binder/Slipcase deal will hold the 200 Hagner sheets VERY nicely.  And 400 Hagners will fit perfectly into 10 sets, and likewise 20 sets will house the 600 sheets VERY comfortably.

The very classy leather look black slipcases alone should cost this much!  Seven Seas Stamps sell their garish colour SLIPCASES ALONE for about $A25 EACH -  You MUST have slipcases for storage - in this country especially. 

Slipcases are ESSENTIAL - they keep most dust and junk and moisture and insects OUT of your stamps, which is what mostly causes rust/toning/foxing.  You MUST use slipcases - please read my detailed story about this very important matter here from my recent 'Stamp News' magazine article -

I’ve seen retail elsewhere of over $A60 a set for this kind of Binder/Slipcase quality!  These are as low as $A40 a set - indeed are near $A35 a set when bought as a discount lot along with Hagners - see offers below.


FIVE sets Deluxe binders AND 5 matching slipcases for $A250 (Stock 827WJ)

Or a huge factory carton of 10 superb sets for just: $A450  (Stock 827WK)

Or TWO huge cartons i.e. 20 superb sets for just: $A800 (Stock 827WL)

NOTE: - Although these are VERY bulky as you can see - they are rather LIGHT, so post cost is often VERY reasonable.  And of course I use light cancelled stamps on ALL my parcels!  If you order 5 sets at the SAME TIME as the Hagner sheets special offer above, the extra cost to ship these Binders/Slipcases is generally minimal (often NIL extra) as they can go in the same parcel.




COMBINE Hagner sheets AND Deluxe Binders/Slipcases to house them all in, and SAVE another $A100!

Order 200 genuine and top quality British Made Hagner sheets, in the exact size mix YOU require, as well as FIVE of the superb black binders/slipcases above, that will house them perfectly, and safely, and you save about 40% off retail price!

Instead of paying $A330 and $A250 - you pay only $A550 plus shipping, and save $A30 extra. (Stock 827WP)

And remember the shipping is nearly (indeed often exactly the same) the same cost for the 200 Hagners, if you add the 5 x Slipcases/Binders to the same order, in the same carton.

Order 400 Hagners of your choice or sizes (normally $A565) and TEN x Deluxe Binders/Slipcase to house them in (normally $450) together for $A975 and save a further $A40! (Stock 827WQ)  (Due to weight and volume, these are shipped as two parcels.)

Order 800 Hagners of your choice or sizes (normally discounted to $A950) and TWENTY x Deluxe Binders/Slipcase to house them in (normally discounted to $A800) together for $A1,650 and save a further $A100! (Stock 827WRDue to weight and volume, these are shipped as three separate large parcels.)

NOTE - The special Combo offers within this Specials box are for AUSTRALIA orders only – foreign post gets scary on these combos!  


All prices above are Postage and Registered tracking and Extra cover insurance and packing is extra, in all cases.  A Domestic Registered Post pre-paid SIGNED FOR tracking label, and the VERY time consuming careful and secure packing, and schlepping heavy bulky cartons to the PO etc, is a flat $10 extra for each carton, on top of mail cost, whether 200 or 400 or 600 or 800 Hagners are purchased, and/or binder Combos.  And will be added to all invoices.




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