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Stanley Gibbons Catalogues

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Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Catalogue  
NOW in full colour, on sale


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New edition to replace the old 2 volume set.  Lists and prices every stamp from 1840 to recent issues in a simplified fashion, from the entire British Commonwealth.  See my review below in the May 2003 Magazine

I made a scoop warehouse purchase from the agent and STRICTLY whilst stocks last can offer this at a huge 50% saving off the regular price.  Retail price is $A185 and my special “50% off”  price special is:


A MASSIVE book - being about 3 kilograms or 6½d pound weight. Postage ANYWHERE in Australia via Australia Post satchel is $A10. Or for fully Registered and Insured anywhere in Australia (nice stamps used!) cost is $A15. (Cost for postage overseas please ask for my quote.)

For the first time, stamps are printed in full colour, and on crisp bright white paper stock – such a contrast to its yellow paper monocolour predecessors. I estimate there are 15,000-20,000 COLOUR stamp illustrations here.

All credit cards accepted for payment at no fee.  No GST added to orders.  I last offered this in late 2004 at $120 and they sold out in 2 weeks.  I just bought the LAST 50 copies mid July and they will be on offer strictly until SOLD OUT!

The following was my review from the May 2003 "Stamp News":

New-look Stanley Gibbons British Commonwealth COLOUR Catalogue

After many, many, months of waiting and great indecision as to era of contents inside, the new "British Commonwealth” Catalogue has arrived air freight. It is an interesting concept.

The old traditional 2 huge volume "Part One" book is morphed into a single volume to cover the Commonwealth - around the outer size of one of the usual volumes. It runs close to 1000 large pages. Stamps are in 4 columns, not 3, so more data is on each page.

The most striking feature this year is that nearly all stamps are illustrated in FULL COLOUR. Now my guess is that there about 15-20 photos a page average meaning 15,000-20,000 colour illustrations. Anyone who has scanned a few stamps for eBay etc knows how time consuming it is. Imagine doing 20,000! And THEN pasting them into the correct places in the text.

That was an opus work to get the artwork done. Most especially to source the actual stamps to scan. After all, who has collections of modern Guyana to use for reference?! You can bet SG do NOT, that is for sure.

I have been involved in publishing, and the time and COST to get this together must have been terrifying. Great to see SG enter the world of colour. The paper stock is excellent too. A nice crisp fresh white, so cheery and alive compared to my already VERY yellowed 2002 SG with sad grey illustrations.

I had a friend look at over when it arrived today, and who interestingly works in publishing. She compared it right next to the old edition and said it is a 1000% improvement visually. I had to agree.

The old "Part One" is no more. This new volume covers 1840 to recent issues and does so in a simplified manner, with no watermarks, perf varieties or M/S etc. That is a drawback, but this is the way SG have gone, and seen confident this is what collectors will buy. They offer no other option.

Cost is not low at $A185, due to weight of books for shipping, and strong British pound. Bear in mind that the 2 volume mono set was WAY dearer than that so the cost all becomes relative. I have about ten copies pre-sold to clients, so it seems many folks are waiting anxiously for this.


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