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The MAIN subject matter of each column is shown below, HOWEVER be mindful that most columns have four or five totally separate individual stories within them.  Use my site specific "search" box to assist you.  Browse, print-out, and ENJOY!




Below are some selected Market Man "Tipster" style columns published in the "Australasian STAMPS" Magazine and "Stamp News" Magazines over recent decades.  Many of these, and many other original and general philatelic articles, were also published in "Linn's Stamp News" in the USA, the world's largest selling stamp publication - by many light years.  I was their Australasian correspondent for many years.

Many of these articles, or separate articles, have also appeared in the leading trade publication 
"Philatelic Exporter" in the UK, where I wrote monthly for some 40 years, until owner Stanley Gibbons sadly closed it down in very recent times. 

My feature articles have appeared in many other leading international publications such as:  "Stamp Collector" (USA),  "Global Stamp News" (USA),  "Coin World" (USA),  "Banknote Reporter" (USA),  "Coin And Banknote Magazine",  (Australia)  "Stamps",   "Stamp Magazine",   "Stamp and Coin Mart"  and  "Gibbons Stamp Monthly" (all UK) etc, etc.

I also have written for numerous foreign language stamp and numismatic and Stamp Society publications as well, and been a consultant and/or contributor or advisor to all the major International Stamp Catalogues, such as Stanley Gibbons, Scott, Minkus, Michel, Australian Stamp Catalogue, Renniks, ACSC, etc. 

I founded in 2005, and still own and run, the world’s largest Stamp Bulletin Board.  Way over 11 million posts, over 2 MILLION stamp images, and with membership approaching 30,000 - from over 180 different countries.  All FREE – join up today! - literally the 'Wikipedia' of the stamp world.  A legacy I am very proud of.

For over a decade from 1984 I was also the Stamp Market 'Tipster' columnist and general writer for "Stamp News" every issue, and never missed a deadline.   I re-commenced that brief in early 2003 after a year or two break from writing to travel the world.   Prior to that I was the “Market Tipster” columnist and general writer for some years for the venerable "Australian Stamp Monthly" -  or “ASM” .

I have written regularly on stamps and coins and banknotes and associated fields internationally (plus of course many other totally un-related subjects most especially freelance articles on my other great passion - TRAVEL!)  for over 40 years,  and have been Managing Editor,  Executive Editor, Managing Director, Board Member - even sole owner and publisher of monthly and well respected internationally circulated glossy colour magazines in these stamp and coin fields.

Space constraints precludes a longer list of philatelic articles being posted here, as carelessly I did not retain the text for many dozens more earlier articles, when I sold my older computers and wiped the old files in the 1990s.  And I never typed the hundreds of pre-1997 articles on computer sadly, so there is no e-copy record of those.  It was manually typed on paper in those days and faxed or mailed to magazines! 

NOTE - since Linn's Stamp News  oddly wiped their on-line access to older archived articles in late 2002, I understand this page is the ONLY on-line source for those Linn's pieces below, which are now saved on my server.

Also please make allowances for the IMAGES on these 20-30 year old columns.  We take large sharp colour images for GRANTED in this modern cellphone camera era. Back then, small fuzzy images and blurry scans were often all that were possible to get.  Often only MONO images were obtainable - true!

The MAIN subject matter of each column is shown below, HOWEVER be mindful that many ASM columns have four or five totally separate individual stories within them.  Use the site-specific SEARCH box to assist.  Browse, print-out, and

CLOSURE - In latter 2022 my webmaster in Perth for 40 years very sadly passed away, with no warning. He had done all my webpage work - to this day I cannot alter or add a word on the 100s of old fashioned pages here. It seemed a ‘sign’, and given I am still working 100+ hour, 7 day weeks, at 70+ years old, frankly did not have the time to spend a day a month on them, and decided it was the right time to hang up my magazine column pen! I still add 100s of posts a week to on all the current news. From time to time I will be inspired to pen a special subject piece in ‘Stamp News’, I am sure. You’ll see it here!   Glen

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Glen Stephens Online Articles

Printed Worldwide 1996/1999 PNG 1994/1995 "Emergency Overprints": The REAL Story!
ASM March 1998 Aussie Record Price for Cricketing Cover
Linn's March 1998 World Record Price for NZ "Teddy Bears"
ASM April 1998 UK Diana Stamps Printed 5 Days After Car Crash
ASM April 1998 Tonga New Issues About to Cease?
ASM April 1998 PNG Record Price Modern Cover - $4,750
Linn's June 8, 1998 (front page story) New Zealand Post Buys Invert for Record $66,500
Linn's Oct. 26, 1998 (front page story) Princess Diana's Memory Tarnished by P.O. Profit Grab
Linn's Dec. 7, 1998 Monaco's Prince Rainer in Stamp Scandal?
Linn's Dec. 21, 1998 Signature Stamps Franked Aussie Mail Bombs
ASM Feb. 1999 Seven Seas Stamps Sold Silently
ASM Feb. 1999 Nigerian Scam Letters Continue
Linn's March 8, 1999 (front page story) New Australian Rarity Found on 1932 Cover Piece
Linn's March 22, 1999  (front page story) Australia to Issue Personalised Photo Stamps
ASM April 1999 Mug Shot Stamps Debut From Australia Post!
ASM May 1999 "AUSTRALIA 99" World Stamp Expo a Smash
ASM June 1999 Scarcest Ever Aussie Decimal Set Just Issued
ASM July 1999 New Lord Howe Island Stamps in Legal Fiasco
ASM July 1999 Max Stern & Kevin Duffy Receive Australia Medals
Stamp Wholesaler (USA) July 1999 Early Start For Aussie Dealer Simon Dunkerley
ASM Sept. 1999 Stamp Scoop of the Year! Modern Rarities
ASM Oct. 1999 Internet - What A Tangled Web We Weave!
ASM Nov. 1999 $9,000 Rarity Bought Off Dealer for $600
ASM Dec. 1999/Jan. 2000 USA's Priciest Stamp + $17,250 for 1929 Cover
ASM Feb. 2000 Welcome to the New Century - Unique Jan. 1 Covers!
ASM Feb. 2000 Major Pacific Rarity Found in Junk Box!
Linn's Feb. 14, 200(front page story) Uncle Sam Beats Up on Sellers of North Korea!
Linn's June 5, 2000 (front page story) Australian Kangaroo Stamp Sells For $30,000 - World Record
Linn's August 21, 2000 (front page story) Australia to issue stamps for Aussie gold medalists one day after their wins
Linn's October 2, 2000   (front page story) Australia Gold Medal Stamps being issued already
Linn's October 23, 2000  (front page story) Gold Medal Summer Olympic Stamps A Smash!.
Linn's November 27, 2000 (front page story) Australian issues surprise Paralympic Games Stamps 
Linn's April 9, 2001 (front page story) Long lost major Australian collection for auction - not seen for half a century.
Linn's June 4, 2001 (front page story)
Lt Col. Harrie Evans auction smashes Australian stamp price records.
Linn's March 11, 2002 (front page story) Aussie golds in Winter Games bring more instant stamps.
Linn's May 20, 2002  (front page story)
Stamp News March, 2003 "Market Matters" - I am pleased to be back writing after a few years absence!
Stamp News April, 2003 "Stamp Storage tips" - Rare Australian Olympics sheetlet 17 might be a 'sleeper'?
Linns May 5, 2003  (front page story) 2 Common Australian stamps sell for $A217,898
Stamp News May, 2003 Ignore Young Collectors... Also The 1960s "Ampol" Promotion?
Stamp News June, 2003 The next 'boom' era – Pre-Decimal Australian First Day Covers
Stamp News July, 2003 Vandal cancels  …  how to avoid them
Stamp News August, 2003 eBay Selling  ...    A fool and his money are soon parted.
Stamp News September, 2003 Lord Howe Island - "Carried by Sea" storm mail
Stamp News October, 2003 Concorde – the end of an era
Stamp News November, 2003
"Linns" November 10, 2003
Single Australian 1915 KGV "Penny Red" stamp fetches $48,400 at auction
Stamp News December, 2003 Will I or Won't I ??? Do YOU have a Last Will And Testament?
Stamp News January, 2004 Two new Catalogues released - and a bizarre eBay realisation!
Linns February 23, 2004 £1 Kangaroo monogram stamps fetches record price $US68,242
Stamp News March, 2004 Knowledge is Power... New catalogues and handbooks released..
Stamp News April, 2004 Renewed interest in Sperati forgeries.
Stamp News May, 2004 The March of the Moderns ...recent issues can be worth big bucks.
Stamp News June, 2004 From PO Discounting to Royal Weddings.
Stamp News July, 2004 It is all in the postmark - cancels and covers worth big dollars!.
Stamp News August, 2004 Common looking USA stamp sells for $250,000! USA ‘Revenues’ scandal
Stamp News September, 2004 "Pacific Explorer 2005" - Sydney April 2005 - will this good ship sink or float?
Stamp News October, 2004 Fill any 1990's gaps NOW. New OZ stamp CD Rom issued.
Stamp News November, 2004 Athens Olympics Sampanis Drug Cheat withdrawn stamp .
Stamp News December, 2004 WHAT is the world's most valuable stamp item?
Stamp News January, 2005 Use NICE stamps please!
Stamp News March, 2005 Big 10 fold price rises for Australian 'Locals'. Ugly USA stamp sells for $500,000!
Stamp News April, 2005 Superb new ACSC '1901-1912' era Catalogue released
Stamp News May, 2005 Nice new Sweden 'Treskilling Yellow' book + Prince Charles Wedding stamp fiasco!
Stamp News June, 2005 'Titanic Explorer 2005'
Stamp News July, 2005 Top grade used Kangaroos in all values way under-valued.
Stamp News August, 2005 Prediction. A new International 'stamp boom' started June 2, 2005.
Stamp News September, 2005 John Lennon's boyhood stamp album sells for $73,377
Stamp News October, 2005
Stamp News November, 2005 New Australia KGV watermark error found. "Vandal" stamp cancels.
Stamp News December, 2005 $A272,000 for a recent stamp USA "Inverted Jenny" plate block sells for $4 million!
Stamp News January, 2006 $4 million stamp swap. Also how to lose $3,000 by auctioning and NOT selling to me!
Stamp News February, 2006 Buy Catalogues! New British Royal Family members?
Linns February 27, 2006
(Front page feature story)
Ugly used 6d Blue Kangaroo sells for $48,500
Stamp News March, 2006 "Burracopin Fever"! New KGV 2d Orange Inverted Watermark find.
Stamp News April, 2006 Stamp sells for 338 times full cat. 1850 NZ set of 3 auctions for $380,542!
Stamp News May, 2006 ebay stamp seller warnings & Australia Post 2005 Leather Exective year album scarcity
Stamp News June, 2006 Price records broken everywhere! "Afinsa" Spain stamp scandal - full report.
Stamp News July, 2006 New Australian Stamp index CD released.  Ronald Reagan new stamps
Stamp News August, 2006 Washington 2006 "World Stamp Expo". Red Hot China and Roo prices!
Stamp News September, 2006 New Zealand withdrawn Maori Kapa Haka stamp set 5 sensation!
Stamp News October, 2006 Know your stamp errors & stamp varieties. Forged NZ Maori error stamps.
Stamp News November, 2006 Stamp collector to get $1 million tax free for a recent new issue purchase!
Stamp News December, 2006 Australian Stamp Errors, varieties, and misprints - mistakes are COSTLY!
Stamp News January, 2007 Two new ACSC volumes reviewed - KGVI and QEII pre-Decimal issues.
Stamp News February, 2007 Arthur Gray Kangaroo Stamp collection for Auction in NY - to fetch MEGA millions!?
Stamp News March, 2007 UK Beatles stamps. Common USA stamp sells for 6,037 times Scott Cat!
Linn's  March 26, 2007
(Front Page Feature Story) 
 Kangaroo Stamps Bring Record Prices at Shreves Auction of Arthur Gray
Stamp News April, 2007 (Lift out) Complete run down of the Arthur Gray Kangaroos sale - sold for $7.15 MILLION!
Stamp News April, 2007 Tax Office actively targets ebay sellers.  Dodgy sellers still infect that auction site.
Stamp News May, 2007 First "Taiwan" stamp. Sir Gawaine Baillie sales Sotheby's. USA "Forever" stamp.
Stamp News June, 2007 launched! Extensive ebay stamp forgery ring totally smashed.
Stamp News July, 2007 Ken Baker - a stamp dealer for 85 years. That must be some kind of world record?
Stamp News August, 2007 Bill Gross's GB stamp collection sells for over $10 US million - proceeds all donated to Charity!
Stamp News September, 2007 Dealer sells USA 24c "Inverted Jenny" for $US1,000,000. Superb new Aust. Banknote book.
Stamp News October, 2007 Australian Revenue Stamp gets world record price. ebay stamp scammers again
Stamp News November, 2007 Stanley Gibbons lose the plot with catalogue volumes. Civil War surprise.
Stamp News December, 2007 Celebrity stamp collectors. Gibbons to cease printing 'Stamps Of The World' catalogues?
Stamp News February, 2008  World Record Price for a USA stamp. Used 2/- Kangaroo stamps sells for $40,000
Stamp News March, 2008
Stamp News April, 2008 Please use STAMPS on your mail! Australia Post issues GOLD Pope stamps.
Stamp News May, 2008 New Eustis AAMC cat issued. ebay cause a riot by insisting on 'PayPal Only' in Oz.
Stamp News June, 2008 Major new 2/- 1913 Kangaroo error discovery. Wrong Eagle on recent PNG set!
Stamp News July, 2008 Stamp collectors help China & Burma recent disasters. Olympic stamp sells $110,000+
Stamp News August, 2008 What exactly is SUPERB USED grade for Australian stamps?
Stamp News September, 2008 “Olympex - Olympic Stamp Expo Beijing 2008” an absolute SMASH success!
Stamp News October, 2008 Check your 4d Kangaroo stamps for this easy to spot plate flaw! "Ballarat Boys"
Stamp News October, 2008 Martyn Greive from A-One Stamps writes off car in Glen Stephens driveway!
Stamp News November, 2008 Australia Post “Publicity Cards”. New Gibbons 2009 B/Cwth Cat – 1840-1970.
Stamp News December, 2008 ACSC to hopefully list Australia USED blocks of 4? New Pierron and SA cats.
Stamp News January, 2009 Ugly USA 'B' Grill stamp sells for $US1 million+. Stamps don't soak anymore!
Stamp News March, 2009 Stamp Storage - valuable tips and advice. Fake "Inverted Jenny" stamp.
Stamp News April, 2009

Complete index of the Simon Dunkerley "Stamp News" columns, preserved here for posterity.

Stamp News April, 2009 French President Sarkozy collects postage stamps! Permanent gum soaking tips.
Stamp News May, 2009 Australian Decimals used on Commercial covers - the hot NEW collecting trend!
Stamp News June, 2009 Common USA stamp sells for 300 times Scott. Greg Manning charged by SEC
Stamp News July, 2009 Zimbabwe 100 TRILLION dollar banknote and high face value inflation stamps.
Stamp News August, 2009 GB 1864 1d red Plate 77 trio found on old cover. Rarity or Fake? YOU decide!.
Stamp News September, 2009 "Stampshow 2009" in Melbourne report. Papua Lakatoi postmarks go CRAZY!
Stamp News October, 2009 Australia "SPECIMEN" folders.  Bernie Manning Queensland postmarks Book.
Stamp News November, 2009 New Gibbons 2010 'Part 1' catalogue. Australian Cover Society new handbook
Stamp News December, 2009 The Internet has changed Philately – Forever!
Stamp News Januray, 2010 British Antarctic Territory - Jan 1, 2000 - special numbered Millennium stamp covers.
Stamp News February, 2010 Beware of modern fake and forged postage stamps of China being offered on ebay
Stamp News April, 2010 China Cultural Revolution postage stamp prices going BALLISTIC at HK Auction.
Stamp News May, 2010 Buy all the Australia used stamps in BLOCKS of 4 that you can find! 7/6d Cook issue.
Stamp News June, 2010 Sweden 1857 "Tre Skilling Banco" Yellow stamp to set world record stamp price??
Stamp News July, 2010

Cancels on common Australian States stamps can be worth VERY serious money!

Stamp News August, 2010 Bill Hornadge famous "Cinderella Stamp Lists" - 860 pages of it - now on CD ROM!
Stamp News September, 2010 Germany Audrey Hepburn "unissued" stamps to top $1 Million at auction in Berlin?
Stamp News October, 2010 Australia Aborigine "One Pound Jimmy" stamp - unique discovery of Inverted Watermark!
Stamp News November, 2010

New Gibbons "Part One" Cat just issued. Another 2/6d "One Pound Jimmy" error found.

Stamp News December, 2010 Germany Hepburn stamp pane of 10 sold $A610,000. USA stamp Die Proofs a good buy.
Stamp News January, 2011 Kangaroo Perf "OS" Official Stamps setting new records. KGV ½d Green Single Line Perf.
Stamp News February, 2011

“World’s Rarest Stamp” – the British Guiana 1856 1¢ Black on Magenta to be sold?

Stamp News March, 2011 Australia Flood Charity stamps rush released. Canada 1851 12d Black sells $US489,000
Stamp News April, 2011 Sydney 'Expo 2011'. China Stamp block gets $US1.15m. Stamp crooks and cons on ebay
Stamp News May, 2011

Australian Postal Stationery a very safe bet.  NZ Royal Wedding stamp pack - printing error.

Stamp News June, 2011 Dodgy ebay stamp sellers active again. AMPOL and ETA junior stamp albums remembered!
Stamp News July, 2011 Superb new Queensland Cancels book. Stamp email Etiquette Primer! PNG loses the plot?
Stamp News August, 2011 Taxman tracks ebay sellers. Multi million $ stamp prices at Auction.Thailand stamps are hot!
Stamp News September, 2011 Mauritius stamp gets £1 million + at auction. SG "China" cat now out. Victoria cancel record!
Stamp News October, 2011 Give and receive "FREE POSTAGE" by using intelligent frankings on all your mail. A guide!
Stamp News November, 2011 INDIA and Gandhi stamp market is RED HOT. New SG 2012 Commonwealth Cat issued.
Stamp News December, 2011 China stamp METER MARKS often worth 4 figures. Barwis "Half Lengths Of Victoria" Book.
Stamp News January 2012 Kangaroo "Specimen" gets 4 times full ACSC Cat!   Decimal Missing Colour stamps go well.
Stamp News February 2012 Dutch Post Office gets flooded with $ millions of fake stamps. PNG "RE4" Envelope Census.
Stamp News March 2012 Australia's Ken Baker turns 100 years old this week. Is he the world's oldest stamp dealer?
Stamp News April 2012 McDonald Coin Catalogue in colour. turns 5 years old. Roo parcel tags.
Stamp News May 2012 New SG "Australia 2012" Catalogue. Ebay "Bunnies" paying sillier stamp prices than ever! 
Stamp News June 2012 New 2012 SG "Concise" Catalogue. GB 1864 Plate "77" used stamp sells for £550,000.
Stamp News July 2012

'Black Caviar' stamps. Common KGV found in junk box sells $60,000. New SG 'CHINA' cat.

Stamp News August 2012 Spink to sell Hugh Morgan stamp collection £3m+. Victor Hugo sender of GB Plate 77 cover
Stamp News September 2012 Errors on stamps bring big $$$s. 2012 Olympic Gold Medal Stamps from UK and Australia.
Stamp News October 2012 New Freeman "Numeral Cancellations of NSW" Book. India Ghandi 1948 FDC gets $US6,300!
Stamp News November 2012 SG "2013" Commonwealth Cat. Machin Heads - $100's discovery. Buy India KGV era stamps.
Stamp News December 2012

Hugh Morgan stamp collection fetches many Millions. PSE stamp grading system needs grading!

Stamp News January 2013

Australia Post hikes some postage rates over 50%.  USPS destroys $US683 million Simpson stamps.

Stamp News February 2013

Huge "Australia 2013" International Show in May - be there!  China stamps fetch new record high prices.

Stamp News March 2013 £2 Kangaroo stamp block to fetch $A200,000+? NZ PO wants 3 days a week delivery approved.
Stamp News April 2013 Ebay scammers getting more in number - selling stamps they do not have."1917 War Chest" stamps
Stamp News May 2013 New ACSC “Kangaroos” Brusden White stamp Catalogue just released. “Australia 2013 Stamp Expo”
Stamp News June 2013 “Australia 2013 Stamp Expo” huge success - 100s of pix. Hardy "Kangaroo" Auction smashes record.
Stamp News July 2013 MASSIVE new Brusden White / ACSC, "Australian Postal Stationary" colour catalogue just published.
Stamp News August 2013

China stamp sells for a MILLION dollars. Please use STAMPS on all your mailings. SG "Australia" 2013

Stamp News September 2013

Australia Kangaroo “CTO” stamps are red-hot! Hawaii 1852 stamped cover auctions for $A2½ million

Stamp News November 2013 Discovery of KGV 1d Red Die Proof.  Ross Smith 1919 First Flight to Australia, fascinating OAS cover
Stamp News December 2013 USPS issues new "Inverted Jenny" stamps! New Zealand Post now using stamps again. SG “2014” Cat
Stamp News January 2014 Australian War Savings Stamps set price records. WARNING - More stamp fakers active on ebay.
Stamp News February 2014 Australia Thin Paper £1 Robes stamp TIP. USA “Non-Inverted $2 Jenny” stamps fetch $US30,000
Stamp News March 2014 British Guiana 1856 unique 1c stamp auctioned. Australia CTO stamps. Eire 60c Captain White error
Stamp News April 2014

Canada’s most valuable postage stamp.  Australian letter rate up 17%.  Perfin Society Of Australia & NZ

Stamp News May 2014

New Australia “Concession Post” stamps issued.  More warnings on ebay stamp seller scammers.

Stamp News June 2014 Unique British Guiana 1856 1¢ Black on Magenta stamp. THE most valuable object on EARTH.
Stamp News July 2014 British Guiana 1856 1¢ stamp auctioned in New York June 17, 2014, for well over $A10 MILLION
Stamp News August 2014 New 3 volume work released on SA + NT cancels. Unusual stamp find in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon!
Stamp News September 2014 Buy USED Australia Roos now! New SG "New Zealand" cat out. $1m NSW "Holey Dollar" coin theft
Stamp News October 2014

NEW! Stanley Gibbons “Australia” 2014 Stamp Catalogue. Even more Australia Post price increases

Stamp News November 2014 Australia 2d Red KEVIII Stamp block to set World Record price? Jean Sperati - master stamp forger.
Stamp News December 2014

Gibbons 2015 “Part 1” Catalogue.  Victoria “Woodblock” stamp records. The last Ireland stamp shop?

Stamp News January 2015

 Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Stamp Collection. Forged “RPSL” Royal Stamp Certificates now on ebay.

Stamp News February 2015

"The £5 Orange" GB stamp book. Arab Sheikh sued by Feldman for $US7½M over British Guiana.

Stamp News April 2015 Arthur Gray "KGV" Collection to be auctioned. Australia Post 1st Class letters DOUBLED to $1.50
Stamp News May 2015

New Tasmania Pictorial cancels handbook issued. Cricket postmarks on stamps go crazy in Auction!

Stamp News June 2015

Australia Post Parcels service a mess. Officeworks to enter parcels arena. USA "Locket Copy" offered.

Stamp News July 2015  WA 1854 4d Swan Inverted Frame stamp fetches World Record price $A250,000.VALE: Arthur Gray.
Stamp News August 2015 Buyer of unique 1856 1c British Guiana Stamp revealed. INSURE your stamps. “Glen Goes Gobi”
Stamp News September 2015 Arthur Gray Large Gold "KGV" Stamp Collection going under the hammer. USA "Grading" Gripes!
Stamp News October 2015 Free Papua “O.P.M” stamps find. More highlights of Arthur Gray “KGV”. PNG Emergency Overprints
Stamp News November 2015

Australia Post parcel and letter delivery system is BROKEN.  New Stanley Gibbons 2016 "Part 1" Cat.

Stamp News December 2015 Multi Million $'s result for the Arthur Gray "KGV" Auction. Recent German stamp set sells for $130,000!
Stamp News January 2016

First Class letter mail in Australia more than DOUBLES to $1.50 in one savage hike. Service is slower?

Stamp News February 2016

Tracked mail ESSENTIAL in Australia. Micro-printing on Canada stamps. AP "PRIORITY" stamps flop. 

Stamp News March 2016 "30c ADELAIDE 2016" Emergency stamp issues - selling for $1000s.  R.I.P. - Max Stern.
Stamp News April 2016 Ebay stamp scammers move into high gear. USED Blocks of Australia stamps well worth chasing!
Stamp News May 2016

Adelaide 2016 set: $7,900! Stamp Storage Tips: essential read. "New York Stamp Expo" May 2016.

Stamp News June 2016 Australia "Specimen" stamp sets discussed. "Cricket Ground" cancels on GB stamps worth $1000s
Stamp News July 2016

"World Stamp Show Expo" New York 2016 Detailed Report.  The Americans "grade" a 5/- Bridge!

Stamp News August 2016

Norfolk Island is now “Australia”.  NY “Butterflies” hot.  “$1.00 Adelaide 2016” CPS worth grabbing?

Stamp News September 2016 The world most expensive BIRD stamp? R.I.P. Martyn Greive. Rio Olympic Games Australian stamps.
Stamp News October 2016 KGV 1d "CNE" Error, and ½d single line perf Global Census. SG 2016 "Australia" Catalogue now out.
Stamp News November 2016 Stanley Gibbons 2017 “Part 1” stamp catalogue issued.  Australia Post parcels service is falling apart.
Stamp News December 2016 Renniks 'Stamps Of Australia' Cat. Rare Mauritius stamped cover sold. 1912 "TITANIC" stamped cover.
Stamp News January 2017 “Post Office Mauritius” cover sells for $ Millions.  MUH Sheet of 100 USA 1893 Columbians discovered.
Stamp News February 2017 ACSC Kangaroos 2017. 1909 20/- Postage Due discovered. USA Inverted Jenny found after 99 years!
Stamp News March 2017 Australia Post Flopperoo Fahour getting obscene $A5½ Million a year. NZ 1949 3d Vanguard auctioned.
Stamp News April 2017 reaches Birthday Number 10!  “Melbourne 2017 FIAP” Expo commences soon.

Stamp News May 2017 Only way to move mail domestically is to get on a plane and FLY it down. Good Riddance Fahour.
Stamp News June 2017 Germany 2016 Christmas 70c “Kerstfest” stamp errors going nuts. Tips for under-rated Roo stamps.
Stamp News July 2017

Australia Post is now issuing stamps with cuts/slits in them. Waves of fake stamps appearing globally.

Stamp News August 2017

How to sort Kangaroo stamp watermarks.  Totally inexperienced new Australia Post CEO appointed.

Stamp News September 2017

Major Tibet collection auction.  Review: SG "Concise" GB 2017.  New Zealand ceases Health stamps.

Stamp News October 2017

New Seven Seas Stamps “ASC” Australasia colour catalogue.  Bendon “UPU Specimen Stamps” Book

Stamp News November 2017

NZ 1906 1d Claret high prices - NZ "Kapa Haka" sets deserve the same - New SG "Part 1" 2018 Cat.

Stamp News December 2017 New £2 Kangaroo Sperati Forgery type discovered! Overview of the £2 1913 1st Watermark Kangaroo
Stamp News January 2018

Freeman "NSW Numeral Cancellations" new handbook.  Da Vinci painting sells for $A600m to Saudis.

Stamp News February 2018

Mossgreen Auctions goes bust.  Australia WW2 era FDC’s worth $10,000?  China cover $US1 million

Stamp News March 2018 Stamp sells for $300,000 found in old album in NZ.  The Mossgreen Auctions mess gets even bigger.
Stamp News April 2018

$US Million fraud on ScamBay.  New ACSC "Postal Stationary" Cat.  USA stamp Embargo madness.

Stamp News May 2018

Do you have your stamps INSURED?  More ebay scams rolling out.  Stolen stamps from Aust. Post.

Stamp News June 2018 New ACSC Catalogue for KGV. Tibet Travels. New stamp internet scams. Cigar card gets 5 figures!
Stamp News July 2018 Ebay purchases to be taxed 10% from July 1?  WA Swan "Inverted Frame" stamp sells for $A425,000
Stamp News August 2018 New SG 2018 GB "Concise" now Hard Cover. Ebay DO decide to add the 10% GST onto purchases.
Stamp News September 2018

Ross Smith Vignettes background.  Kangaroo "SPECIMEN" overprints. Rare 1970 Small Cook cover

Stamp News October 2018

Bill Gross USA Collection offered.  Forged 1d Blacks on eBay.  Aust 1960s used block sells $35,000!

Stamp News November 2018 New Stanley Gibbons "Part 1" catalogue 2019. Wallis Simpson & King Edward VIII and the stamps.
Stamp News December 2018 New Hugh Freeman “Barred Numerals Of Victoria” handbook out.  South Australia perforation freaks. 
Stamp News January 2019 New Tasmania Cancels Book released. History of the Australia 1946 WW2 Food Parcel labels to UK.
Stamp News February 2019 New SG "Australia" catalogue issued. British couple jailed 2 years for selling cleaned current postage.
Stamp News March 2019 Sir Gawaine Baillie - had stamps worth over $40 Million, and even his friends did not know he collected!
Stamp News April 2019

Cocos Is. covers go INSANE at Auction. WIN 1d Black pair! Solomon Islands unissued modern stamp.

Stamp News May 2019 USA 24c Inverted Jenny sets record price of $A2¼m. ETA/AMPOL Stamp Packet Promos 1930s/60s
Stamp News June 2019

What exactly are "SUPERB USED" Australian stamps?  The PONZI Scheme.  New ACSC Catalogues

Stamp News July 2019 Is China censoring FIP stamp shows?? Did China also torpedo the Austria Dali Lama stamp issue?
Stamp News August 2019

Beatles signed GB stamps fetch $A650,000. Stamp Storage tips: slipcases. Postage Dues Cheap!

Stamp News September 2019 Warren Buffett: “Stamp Collecting is a Great, Great, Great, Hobby” . Australia Thin Paper Robes tip
Stamp News October 2019 GB 1d Plate 77 "Victor Hugo" cover is unanimously genuine. Superb UK Elton John stamp set 10
Stamp News November 2019

History of the 1920s "PALS" stamp labels.  Review of new 2020 "Part 1 - Commonwealth" SG cat.

Stamp News December 2019

How to safely soak the modern self-adhesive stamps.  Kangaroo CTOs and Monograms go mad!

Stamp News January 2020

IMPORTANT - is disposal of your stamps clearly outlined in your current WILL?  And is it current?

Stamp News February 2020

Stampboards Bushfire Appeal underway.  Bhutan playable LP stamps.  MORE ebay Shenanigans.

Stamp News March 2020 BREXIT Stamps & Coins. New issue of Australia "DISASTER" stamps. Mega Kangaroo Auction.
Stamp News April 2020 Covid-19 Virus - how it is impacting stamp hobby & shows. German 1923 Inflation era mega covers.
Stamp News May 2020 Millenniums now discovering STAMPS! COVID-19 stamps and mail delays. USA Number Grading.
Stamp News June 2020 Rodney A. Perry - R.I.P.  Peter O'Rourke Kangaroo Collection Auction.  NZ Health Stamps/COVID.
Stamp News July 2020

What was 1st Day Issue of 1d Red Kangaroo?  Strong results for O'Rourke Kangaroo stamp auction.

Stamp News August 2020 Virtual “STAMPEX” unveils due to Covid. Grading of USED Australian Kangaroo stamps explanation.
Stamp News September 2020

DO ensure your stamp collection is *INSURED*.  Read of the house wallpapered with GB 1d Blacks!

Stamp News October 2020 Treasures in old albums are still out there. Australia SPECIMEN folders.The *NEVER* aging QE2!
Stamp News November 2020

How to sort the watermarks on Australia Kangaroo stamps. Royal Coll Stamp book sells for $A4,325!

Stamp News December 2020

“The Townsville Hoard” details.  The latest eBay stamp fakes & scams.  Posting kids via Parcel Post! 

Stamp News January 2021

Missing AUSTRALIA in current AP year book. Reg'd letter takes 8+ months to me.  Uglies get $340K

Stamp News February 2021 Millions of $$s in fake Australia Post stamps/satchels via FakeBay. Most beautiful stamp design ever?
Stamp News March 2021 Mail of the future: Germany now allows LETTERS to be tracked! Buy custom 1d Black COVID masks
Stamp News April 2021

World’s priciest stamp AND coin for sale on same day - to fetch $25m+?  And Inverted Jenny Block 4.

Stamp News May 2021 Cancels on common stamps here getting ~$9,000! Track down USED Blocks 4 of Australia & States
Stamp News June 2021 NWPI stamps - my hot tips. What Kangaroo issues to buy? British Guiana 1856 1c for auction June 8.
Stamp News July 2021

British Guiana sells for 10% more than last sale in $A.  Ron Brierley pleads guilty to child sex offences.



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