The following articles by Simon Dunkerley have been published in Stamp News:


A tribute to Simon 1959 - 2009

Simon Dunkerley was a full time philatelic consultant for over 25 years. He was a former National President of APTA, has exhibited at National level, and was well known for his research into specialised areas of Australian philately. Many past ‘Australia in Depth’ columns are available in pdf format below .

  Publication Date Article
31 April 2007 'The Kangaroos' put Australia onto the world map!
30 Febuary 2007 ACSC KGV 2007 Catalogue
29 January 2007 Forgeries on eBay
28 December 2006 Stanley Gibbons ‘Commonwealth & British Empire
Stamp Catalogue 2007’ report and market update
27 November 2006 Newsflash! A second used partly missing
black on the 50¢ Pioneer reported
26 October 2006 KGV Single Wmk 1½d Scarlet -
Two spectacular items come to light
25 September 2006 ‘Shades of the Future’ - Part II
24 August 2006 ‘Shades of the Future’ - Part I
23 July 2006 New discovery – used example of 1972-76 50¢ Pioneer Transport
showing black largely omitted
22 February 2006 eBay - A useful resource and a place to beware!
21 December 2005 Interpreting Catalogue Values
20 October 2005 Sir Gawaine Baillie Australian States & Australian Commonwealth
sold by Sotheby's (Melbourne 13-15 July 2005)
19 July 2005 Kangaroos jump higher!
18 May 2005 Imperforate or Not?
17 April 2005 Price Trends in Australian Philately
16 February 2005 Myths & Other oddities - More fiction than fact?
15 December 2004 Census on Australian Kangaroo and KGV watermark error rarities
14 September 2004 KGV 1d Red watermark rarity smashes used KGV record
13 May 2004 50 Years of KGV Prices
12 April 2004 50 Years of Kangaroo Prices
11 February 2004 SG 2004 Catalogue Report and Market Update
10 January 2004 Recent Auction Action
9 December 2003 Aspects of Philatelic Expertising - Part III
8 November 2003 Aspects of Philatelic Expertising - Part II
7 October 2003 Aspects of Philatelic Expertising - Part I
6 September 2003 KGV Watermark Inverted Rarities
5 August 2003 Australian stamps feature at Auctions around the globe
4 July 2003 KGV ½d Green Watermark SIDEWAYS
3 June 2003 Australian stamps at Westpex 2003
2 May 2003 Momentum Keeps Pace - KGV 2d Tête-Beche Pair
1 August 2002 KGV 4½d Die 2 (Research Paper)


These articles were rebuilt from all the superb material my best friend in the stamp world, Simon Dunkerley published in “Stamp News”. 

They are re-produced here in full, and for perpetuity, with the permission of “Stamp News” and his widow Angela.

I hope current and future collectors thus gain from this man’s enormous wealth of philatelic knowledge.


Glen Stephens

The VALE articles on his sad passing in February 2009 are found HERE and HERE and HERE. 






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