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  A True “Modern RARITY” set has JUST been issued:  Australian postage letter rates were hiked outrageously by 40% on January 4 here.  The entire country is on holiday then, and the increase was bungled big-time by head office.  No-one there had the brains to reprint up front, a ton of 30¢ Crocodile values to have on hand as “make-up” in each state, to up-rate all current 70¢ stamps, to the new $1 rate.  The Australia Post Distributor of Stamps in Adelaide totally ran out of 30¢ stamps, the first day the letter rate increased to $1 - on Monday, 4 January 2016.  To alleviate this shortfall, the Adelaide GPO frantically printed up a very small Emergency issue of 30¢ Counter-Printed peel and stick Stamps. (“CPS”)

They used a 22 year old “CPS” (Counter Printed Stamps) machine, that was only used once a year for the small stamp show souvenir stamps etc.  Adelaide is the only state to have retained one. (All states got one in 1994!) Distribution of these Emergency 30¢ stamps began on 5th January to a widespread range of suburban Adelaide POs urgently needing 30¢ values. So the earliest potential sale date was 6th January as offices received them, and started selling their stock. Supplies of 30¢ Crocodile stamps were back in the stocks of the Adelaide Distributor Of Stamps from Melbourne, by Friday 8th January, and NO more 30¢ counter-printed stamps were produced - and this has been confirmed by AP.  At no time in history has any CPS machine been used for other than current letter rate I understand. This set was a “First” in very many ways.   

There was zero advance notice given of these 30¢ Emergency issues, and no philatelic stocks were put aside, or sold to ANYONE.  A sharp eyed Adelaide collector soon noticed one on kiloware, and “the hunt was on”!  This is the very first time since Federation in 1901 that the Australian Post Office has printed an Emergency postage stamp issue of any kind.  It was 100% official, it was sold for face value at many large POs for a couple of days, and they were widely used on commercial mail.  Many genuine covers, and some kiloware used copies exist.  They should be listed and priced thus, mint and used, in all catalogues. The PNG items of exactly the same background are - and at very HIGH prices, and reached $A740 a set at Stanley Gibbons Public Auctions, despite a huge 45,000 sets being produced.    

Dealer legend here Rodney Perry, has described this Adelaide Emergency 30¢ issue of 6 as a “Modern Rarity” and I’d totally concur.  More discussion on them here, with all the national Fairfax and News Limited media, news and radio story links on them - with detail of the first ebay sale of these being completed -  Which sold after 49 frantic bids, for a THEN pretty amazing $A1,051 last week.  Another set got $1,875 - with days to run!  A set sold Jan 31 for $1,850 - - and a strip 10 for $2,800 -  And a 30c SINGLE stamp on a commercial cover to Melbourne sold Jan 31 for an unbelievable $1,700 to a medico -  with 67 frantic bids!  Seller was paid immediately. And a totally philatelic cover non mailed sold for $1,880 Feb 6 – with 37 bids -  And you could WIN one here, FREE -

Ebay offers are now at $2,000 a set of 6 singles, from high feedback sellers -  I learned about this issue by chance at the very outset, and nabbed a handful of sets from my various long term collector contacts in my home town Adelaide, as I acted fast and paid HIGH!  “Linn’s Stamp News” has today revealed this set to the massive USA market - - so prices may go ballistic in February as a result, when the hard copy magazine is mailed, due to the very strong American greenback.  Just gave an 11 minute interview with Radio 2GB – highest rating radio station in NSW by a margin of 30% - full tape here - 

I’ve heard about the odd stray mint singles, but not full sets from ANY other dealer source in this ENTIRE country - phone about by all means!  I have just a few complete sets of 6 MUH left for sale - just $A265 a stamp, for something that maybe 100 or so full mint sets exist of globally, as I type.  I mailed a set to the Commander of the orbiting “ISS” MIR Space Station, who is a keen collector and ordered one!  Price subject to change without notice on these. Until I email you “order confirmed” it is NOT.  A Red Hot, very fluid market.  Only about $US1,100 as I type this (I accept paypal in USD), and at $100s LESS than the most recent ebay prices, but only for those who act FAST:  $A1,600 (Stock 572GY)  




   French Colonies on 47 Hagners M & U from earlies - SG $2,200 for $A400:  Superb original lot, on 47 as new Hagners in black binder - these are worth $80 ALONE!  SG a few years back £1,021 = $A2,200, and that looks conservative.  Would take 10 years of ebaying to amass this wide a range, and your shipping cost alone would exceed my asking price!  From A to W - Algeria to Wallis and Futuna. Took photos just now at 9pm in kitchen, and Hagners at night near impossible to photo as flash bounces off the Hagner strips. Not all shown by ANY means. Most look pre 1960s, and indeed many are 19th Century.  Usual mixed condition on oldie lots here and there, but in general when taking pix they looked pretty good.  Superb lot to expand on, a ton more pix here - just $US285: $A400 (Stock 136SP)  




Australia 1914 KGV 1d Red, Rare “Die 2”: The ONE stamp missing from 99.9% of mint KGV collections. Even every SIMPLIFIED printed album has a space for these, and that is always empty in MINT collections. (Used are just a few dollars.)  I get maybe ONE mint each year – far, far less than mint £1 Kangaroos etc. Several of the Die 2s in the pane had “recumbent” or “submerged” Spurs that no-one sane buys. This has the “Erect” full spur, that wise buyers want.  Fresh MVLH original gum (looks nearly MUH!) with deep attractive colour. Has a light gum bend, and with unusually good perfs and centring for these “terrors”.  SG 21D is very low at £425=$A925 for cheapest shade, and Juzwin retail is $650 for the usual terrible centering.  Bought well in an estate today, and out it goes at just $A425 (Stock 674HK)




Australia Stamp Booklets Coll - 1982 to 2000, inc trial booklets, Face Value $561 for $A495!:  Juicy lot, in a Blue binder, stored n Expensive Lighthouse ‘VARIO’ sheets – worth $50 alone. The FACE of the stamps here is $561. Retail is about $1,500.  Even has the very scarce 1983 Experimental Folders, with Philatelic Dept invoice!  Superb ebay re-seller lot.  A ton letter value than it looks. Things like the pages of the $4.50 you see in pix here are in pairs of 1 to 5 Koala symbol reprints in margin etc, etc.  Not evident on the photos.  So you have 2 sets of 5 or 6 or 7 different of those kind of things. Superb ebay type thing as these have HIGH cat and HIGH demand.  Keep one set and sell off the rest - you are paying way, WAY, UNDER FACE!  A ton more pix here - - $A495 (Stock 326SY)




Aust 1959 4d Postage Due x 495 FU. Scott $A6,500 - just 5% Cat: $A325:  What an amazing hoard of these attractive Die 2 bi-colour stamps!  Clean and fresh on stock-sheets. Fine used with 'Cremorne NSW' dated postal cancels. Fresh with no hinges or gum etc. Scott J89a $US4,578 = $A6,500.  SG 135a. ASC Cat D124 - $A5,940.  ACSC lists 5 constant vars on these, and doubtless many of them are here cat several times the normals. Unchecked by me!  Scott Cat is $A6,500.  Bought these in an Estate today cheap, so out they go at just 5% Cat!  List them on ebay per 10 or 20 etc at 10% cat and you double your money!  Sell at 15% Scott, and your treble your outlay etc.  Just $US230 - $A325 (Stock 956CD)




Victoria 1901 1/- QV, Re-Issue without "POSTAGE", The UNIQUE plate proof:  In Bright Orange, on ungummed unwatermarked paper, Line Perf 12.4.  Refer ACSC page 1/237, #V6PP(1), some scissor trimmed perfs and small damage at right etc when removed by Harrison from the proof sheet. Superb bright deep colour.  Clean and fresh and bright.  ACSC Cat $A1,500 for this example in 2004 - 11 years ago, and clearly higher now.  Being a 1901 issue, this is technically an AUSTRALIAN stamp of course.  A UNIQUE Commonwealth item, for under $A1,000!

ACSC confirms this 1/- Plate Proof is UNIQUE.  From the Estate of Ronald Harrison, Chief Engraver of the Commonwealth Stamp Printing Branch, and the collection of Max Watson, signatory of the RPSV Expert Committee Certificates. The ACSC states that only one example is recorded.  I confirm this is that exact stamp, Cat $1,500 in 2004.  The issued stamps were of course on “V over Crown” wmk paper, Comb Perf 12x12½.  Under $US700 as I type this. $A995 (Stock 692KW)


Complete IMPERF sheet 10 of $5 Treasures Of The Archives:  Features the NSW 1888 20/- (1) "Carrington" the highest face value postage stamp ever issued by New South Wales. It was replaced by the 1913 1 Brown and Blue Kangaroo First Watermark. Stamp is MASSIVE - 105 x 70 mm. (About 4" x 3"!) Literally the size of many modern Mini Sheets. The sheet of 10 is about the same size as a regular sheet of 100 stamps.

Just 500 of these sheets were issued IMPERFORATE by Australia Post.  They were sold via a telephone order allocation on January 10, 2006 - the first callers to phone after a certain hour could buy STRICTLY one sheet. There were only 500 sheets ever sold by Australia Post.  All were numbered in gold ink on lower left corner as illustrated. About 350 MUH sheets were sold by the phone ballot. The other 150 sheets were nicely framed with a brass plate and special numbered AP Certificate - the same as illustrated here. They sold quickly at $149 each.

The fools GLUED down these 150 sheets with a strong adhesive "to keep them flat", so those 150 were destroyed as far as MUH was concerned. So we have about 350 MUH sheets of 10 remaining for the world. Of an official imperforate issue sold by Australia Post. Of a beautiful stamp topical. Demand of course was massive and most collectors who were successful in waiting on the phone for 40 minutes have no intention whatever of parting with their prize, no matter how high the price gets. A classic "supply and demand" squeeze!

NONE were sold to dealers or overseas agents - unless they phoned up and waited on the line like everyone else! I have not heard of one dealer who bought them from AP.  I bought a few sheets and sold them off as singles for $A215 and imperf pairs for $A400. And the full sheet of 10 for $A1,750.  I bought one back from an Estate today  superb and flat MUH, and in the special hard card storage envelope.  Buy it at HALF his cost price at $A875.  Each huge imperf costs you $87 each  you could double your money offering on Ebay etc I feel sure. $A875 (Order as stock number 852LH)


  USA 1887/1888, 90¢ Deep Violet, Commodore Perry Top value in VFU PAIR:  Clean and flat and fresh - totally free of hinges and gook and gunk, They hide thins and creases and faults on these ancient stamps printed basically from soft blotting paper, and these thin really readily. A decent SINGLE is hard to source, and a postally usd PAIR a miracle!  This was the highest face value postage stamp on sale in the USA at the time, and was used on heavy parcels etc. So used PAIRS are rare. Excellent perfs and centering as you can see, and deep rich original colour for a stamp 128 years old now. Scott 218 $US600. SG 223 Cat £500 ($A1,100) as 2 singles.  A steal at under $US265 right now -  just $A375 (Stock 483LE)  




Kangaroo 1917 Third Watermark 5/- Fresh MLH, with Large ACSC Flaw. Cat $950 just $400:  One of the most striking constant flaw on the Bi-Colour stamps. “Large Break in Gulf Of Carpentaria”.  ACSC 44(D)va, $950.  Very fresh MLH with deep Chrome Yellow strong colour.  For near on a century old, unusually fresh. Bought today in an Estate, and out if goes, Cat $950 for just $A400 (Stock 726ER)





Switzerland Used Collection 1900-1960 SG £650, PLUS Earlier. $A250:  Switzerland used 1900 to 1960 cat £650 = $A1,425, PLUS a page of earlies not counted .. Sunday night here, so do not have an hour to waste looking them up!  All are genuinely postally used, not dodgy fake cancels, as can be seen. These is an untouched old collection not looked at for 40 or 50 years. Some Swiss are priced higher used than mint. The used here are all genuine cancels and Cat vals were looked up by me, so are correct and up-to-date.  Condition looked very nice when taking pix, and re-housing will pay big dividends as a bit haphazard arrangement now, on old SG pages. Tons more pix here - $A250 (Stock 281ET)





Netherlands huge Registered & EXPRESS Airmail franking piece to China, 1936:  Bought this stunning and clean piece from a collection formed by a chap who was manager of the Shanghai Museum in the pre-war 1930s. This piece is from the famous shipbuilder and Engineering company of Werf Gusto, located in the small town of Shiedam, Holland, well outside Amsterdam. Some stamps are cancelled at Amsterdam the others at origin. WEIRD!

This was clearly off a large packet that was sent Registered, Airmail, and EXPRESS - the latter 2 services very expensive to China in 1936.  Likely they were Engineer plans etc. There are 2 sets of cancels - one from Shiedam, and the others on 5 stamps on left from Amsterdam Central Station - all on the same day.  Schiedam PO used a yellow 5 Guilder King high value as we can see (SG 224 £50=$A110), AND a 2 Guilder overprint on 10G - SG 237 Cat £170 = $A375 used - a very scarce stamp used off piece even. Detailed discussion on this piece here - - only $US155 = $A225 (Stock 294LR)




  1946 SUPERB Qantas Airletter Re-Opening England-Australia Air Service:  Absolutely amazingly fresh condition for something near 70 years old. The first Qantas flight to UK after the War.  Captains in various stages were Mills/Mant/Jackson. This cover flew the long multi-stop 10,000 mile “Kangaroo” route via Pakistan, in a “Lancaster” to Karachi, and the a BOAC flight to London. AAMC 1038A $225, and often are in dreadful condition. This airletter in this pristine shape, is most unusual and desirable. 7d KGVI Sydney cds “9 AP 46”. Pristine and SUPERB. $A200 (Stock number 348EX)  


  Spectacular “CRASH MAIL” COVER 1954 Nestlé Foods NSW cover, to Head Office Switzerland:  To Vevey Suisse, franked with wonderfully scorched Arms 10/-, (ACSC $150 on ANY cover!)  5/- Arms, & 1/6d Hermes pair paying 2/- per ½oz airmail rate x 9.  Significant charring on right edge as a result of the horrible March 13 1954 crash - the worst ever in Singapore. BOAC/Qantas Lockheed Constellation “Belfast” crash landed at Singapore, on which this cover was carried - 33 were killed and 7 injured of the 40 passengers and crew, in this bad crash – i.e. near all on board died.  AAMC #1337 “From $100” (for small covers with single Defin. stamp franking of no special cat value.) Clearly heavily water sodden after the fire. Perfect Hagnar or stockbook page size.  One of THE most highly franked and striking looking Crash Mail covers from this country. Just $US175. $A250 (Stock 482GQ)  



Juicy Switzerland Charity sets, Used Coll SG Cat $3,350. Just 20% of SG!:  Swiss collection fine used on 8 pages total SG value £1523 = $A3350. The super popular Pro Patria and Pro Juventute sets, and they are GENUINE cancel used as you can see. Nice looking group and those I spot checked, were all clean VFU and fault free.

Pro Juventute 1913 to 1996 near complete - SG value £1,015 = $A2,230, and National Fete Pro Patria 1976 to 1995 near complete - SG value £494 = $A1,085. A STACK of more photos here -  - Bought well so out they go at under 10% of SG. Indeed this price is around $US450 as I type this! $A650 (Stock 432BF)






N.Z. 2003 Xmas 40c “MISSING SILVER FERN” Variety, Ret $3,500 just $A300:  Really spectacular error. In a late printing of the self-adhesive coil rolls 100 of this stamp, someone, somehow, omitted the Silver Fern on 1 stamp in each roll on the printer plate. As it was a last printing, all collectors and New Issue dealers had bought their copies long ago, and this error largely seemed to pass without notice until way off sale.  A few used copies later turned up from folks searching mission kiloware, and even so, are $500 apiece, but MINT are really elusive.  A client who I understand worked at a PO or had a friend there, noticed them, and bought and paid face value for a few copies from the rolls on hand.  More than a decade on, 13 years in fact, to make sure no other small caches were tucked away, I’ve bought them.  The Silver Fern will be the new NZ flag design of course, so these have added zing!  See -

The guy bought them in MUH strips 3 as you can see - showing the "Missing Fern" error superbly in the centre of each strip with a normal on either side. Campbell Paterson Cat SC45f(Y), $NZ1,750. Stanley Gibbons Cat SG 2649a. Retail elsewhere is $A3,500 for such strips of 3 - -  or strips 6 for $A2,275 -  which only have 1 error of course.  My lowball price is $A350 (Just $US240) for 1 strip 3 as shown, or $A1,500 ($A300 each) or $US1,035 = $US207 a strip!) for 5 strips 3 if anyone wants to play “ebay roulette” with these, or pop these in the ‘bottom drawer’ etc!  Remember, you are getting these in superb strips of 3 like the top pic. The single I cropped off the scan of the strip, simply to show more detail.  You can buy FIVE strips off me, for well under what dealers sell a single for on ebay!  A major error for as low as $US210 a strip! $A350 (Stock 692GL)



Papua New Guinea 1994
 Rare ‘Emergency Overprints’:


Papua New Guinea 1994 "Emergency Overprints" stamp set:  I do now have, and have always had, the largest stock of these overprints in the world. Buy DIRECT from the original "source"! Thousands of collectors NEED this set to complete their collections as all album pages make spaces for them. Only 45,000 sets were ever printed, NONE were sold by the agents, Papua New Guinea Bureau, or even Australia Post. Nearly all were used up on genuine commercial mail. Not discovered by stamp world until months after all the key values were all used up on mail! I first reported their existence to the stamp world.  "Set of 11" - SG # 730/740. Michel # 714 -724. Scott # 860/871. ASC Cat $A420.

Definitive sets like the 1967 Anguilla overprints are already cat at $18,000 in Stanley Gibbons ... and Anguilla has NOTHING like even 1% of the collector following of PNG I suspect. Think about it! This PNG set has a LONG way to go yet - that seems very clear. For very detailed and comprehensive background on this issue with all numbers printed etc - see my special page on these issues:

Finally - all the 1994 "Emergency" sets I sell are of course guaranteed 100% genuine. You may ask for a Photo Certificate Of Genuineness on my security watermarked colour letterhead for this set of 11 or 20, dated and signed, illustrating in full colour the exact set I mail you. If required, this CERTIFICATE costs you an extra $A50 (stock 928ZV) on top of price of the stamps, largely to cover the considerable time and messing around of individually preparing each one, typing, and scanning &c.

This is substantially cheaper than sending it to the R.P.S. in London etc, which takes half a year to get back, and also incurs substantial Registered airmail cost to you - in both directions. And quite frankly, the RPS would not have a clue about these issues. 'Too Modern' they would sniff. Years down the track when the set sells for several times what it does now, such a certificate Guaranteeing these came from original PNG sources in 1994/5 will add FAR more than $A50 to the extra price you obtain when selling



New Year Special - I have ONE set of MUH blocks 4 of the rare set 11, discounted from $A1,250 to $A995 (Around $US700!) – Stock 928ZK  



Australia 1915 Second Watermark Roo Perf “OS” Fine Used:  The priciest 5/- watermark by a long way. Clean fresh copy, Superb centering for these, with attractive “SYDNEY” cds, and not the usual huge rubber thick lettered “Killers” used on parcels. SG 30. These as we all know, usually have ugly “fluffy” perfs barely punched out, and with centering all over the place. This Second Watermark (emergency war-time use on KGV watermark paper) was only on sale for a short time during WWI before the 3rd watermark 5/- was issued. Only one printing of 679,920 were issued. Issued in the middle of WWI, as Germans were sinking merchant ships bringing the correct paper from the UK. Deep rich, unfaded, Chrome Yellow colour. I’ve seen similar looking copies of this get over $500 lately. ACSC Cat $A750. $A375 (Stock 728LW)




Ceylon 1937 Coronation Stamps, 2.70 Rupees in AirMail booklet, *COMPLETE* Book of 30:  A very rare beast.  Been in Scotland most of its life - thank goodness, hence the lovely condition.  These large size books, with covers made of very coarse, cheap lightweight card or thick paper, are rare in any condition and tear, bend or damage and scuff super readily.  Even incomplete and damaged books, or just empty covers are hardly ever seen.  Has 3 COMPLETE MUH panes of 10 of the large 9c Green KGVI Coronation airmail value, plus all the many pages of waxed interleaving, and the complete pane of airmail labels, and postage rates at back etc. 100% ORIGINAL staple, which is not even rusted or corroded, after 78 years. Anything residing in that country for 5 or 10 years, is generally totally ruined by the high humidity.  I am flying there for Xmas this year so should take it with me?!  Clean and attractive as you can see.  SG #SB16, £1,300 = $A2,850. This is just $US700 as I type this. $A1,000 (Stock 692GQ)






Complete Set Aust Post Year Albums 1981-2000 **WAY UNDER FACE**!   Estate special.  All TWENTY albums!  The FACE value of the stamps inside is $720.  You are paying $45 UNDER FACE!  ALL are valid for 100% postage if you ever need to use them. You are buying CASH essentially.  I just bought THIRTY sets of 20, off a guy who bought them for an “investment”, so have slashed my selling price. The issue price from PO was $964!  You are paying near $300 UNDER PO cost. Each Australia Post book from the debut 1981 book (issue number #1) and ALL have a matching coloured, hard slipcase to prevent dust and moisture entering the book.  Retail is $1,250. Save $575 off retail!  All the LATER books and Black “Leather” cover ones are all in stock - also dirt cheap, and all are offered singly at -  $A675 (Stock 735ER)






Australia 1913 First Watermark Kangaroo Perf “OS” - Cat $2,000 for $1,200:  I have not had a Mint OS 1913 for 20 years probably. They are really scarce. Handled 100 x used.   The Public could never buy ANY of the OS Roo perfins mint - they were all STOLEN by Federal Employees!  Why risk a secure job for a stamp - few did, hence the great scarcity of MINT.  Incredibly Clean and fresh and MVLH.  Deep rich colour. Must have been in Europe all its life - no Mint 2/- Firsts are this fresh usually. Faintest hinge touch - near MUH. Gum and perfs both 100% guaranteed by me. The Government Printer put aside sheets of horribly perfed stamps to puncture for the “Free Government Use” so well centred is always an instant 100% premium – note Juzwin list price comments.  As fine as you’ll ever see.  ACSC 35bb $2,000 for average centred ($5000 if it were MUH!)  $A1,200 (Stock 716TX)






New Zealand 1940 *£1,000* Pink and Black “ARMS” Superb Used:  What a delightful looking piece. Clean and fresh, foxing free, and “unrubbed”.  NOT “hole punched”, embossed and/or pen or crayon cancelled as were all others I have seen are - the auditors were understandably very savage on audit punching values over £100 of course.  A GEM …. the highest face value of the entire KGVI British Commonwealth I understand.  The NZ “Arms” are a super popular series globally, and this is your chance to add something really special to your pages!  Superb perfs and centering and colour, as you can see, and a neat dated cds, yet under $US300! $A425 (Stock number 243ED)







The most amazing FDC of the 20th Century!?  A NZ 1d “Universal” on nice FDC on 1st day of the Century, Jan 1, 1901 and inscribed thus top left. A $150 FDC on its own.  It was addressed thus to "Joseph (J.J.) Kinsey Esq, Barrister, Christchurch" in his very distinctive florid hand.  Who 12 years later, then affixed VICTORIA LAND stamps to it, on two SEPARATE Antarctic Expeditions as you can see.  One postmarked March 1912, when the "TERRA NOVA" was secured alongside the fast ice off Cape Evans Base at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.  Sir Robert Falcon Scott and Oates etc perished after that first voyage, and a memorial was erected to them in Jan 1913, before the 2nd voyage returned.  The ½d pair later were licked over the 1901 address and cancelled Feb 4, 1913, 2 weeks after the TERRA NOVA arrived at Cape Evans Base on the 2nd Expedition.

The ½d on ANY cover is incredibly rare, and a pair even moreso.  That stamp suffers from dreadful centering and bad perfs, and this pair is as good perfs/centred as you'll ever see.  On May 9, 1912, sheets of ½d stamps were sent to the NZ Government Printer for overprinting . The distribution of these stamps was: Universal Postal Union (400) Official NZPO Collection (sheet 60) Chief Postmaster, Christchurch (1,940).  Most of those 1,940 stamps were retained mint as souvenirs by locals and insiders and crew, hence used are higher cat than mint, and only a handful of covers are still surviving after a century plus. And most of those are battered/foxed/badly aged etc

The ½d “VICTORIA LAND” stamp has been widely forged, and ANYTHING you see on ebay etc, you can near guarantee is a fake, mint or used.  Bunny Heaven.  This cover is guaranteed by me in writing as 101% genuine in all respects. SG A2/A3 cat £1820 ($A4,000) as used off cover, and SG listed as £3,640 ($A8,000) ON any cover.  (Much less a 1d Universal FDC!) This cover has been through the mail THREE times - 2 of those times to Antarctica - and back, in a wooden boat!  Great condition hence.  A totally UNIQUE and quite spectacular piece for a serious NZ or Antarctic stamp collector.  A lovely looking piece of real History. 

Sir Joseph Kinsey (Knighted in 1917 for his work here) managed the affairs for the expeditions of Sir Ernest Shackleton, and Captain Robert Falcon Scott.  He held power of attorney for both men during their journeys. His commitment to their projects was substantial. Kinsey personally managed preparations for the journeys, and maintained close personal associations with these men. On 24 March, 1912, shortly before his expedition came to its tragic end, a frost-bitten, starving, dying Scott was to address one of the last letters he ever wrote to Kinsey, expressing his thanks for the professional and personal kindness he had received, and entrusting his family to Kinsey’s care.  That sad letter was found in November by a search party, and forwarded to Scott’s family.  Only $US1,975 right now - $A2,750 (Stock 572TK)





AAT *FULLY IMPERFORATE* Miniature Sheets - $A50 each:  In November 2013, Australia Post released just 250 x IMPERFORATE panes of 15 mini sheets of stamps. You needed to phone the special PO "800" number, or order online, and the strict maximum order was ONE sheet a person, and the sheets sold out in super-fast time, as you'd expect.

There will be near none in the secondary market, as collectors who ordered them for themselves will not be sellers - at any price. I'd guess there are easily 20,000 keen global collectors of AAT, but only 250 of these sheets to go around.  If 200 buyers hold on to their sheets for their collections, that leaves just FIFTY to service those 20,000 collectors worldwide.

99% of AAT collectors do not right now realise this IMPERF issue even exists. In the 57 years since AAT first issued stamps in 1957, I can't recall any other *AAT* imperforates sold by the PO. This is an Official Australia Post Australian Antarctic Territory issue, it is imperforate. It is limited, it is 100% OFFICIAL PO, and it was RED hot from Day #1.

Tons more photos, and sheet options (pairs and number and colour sheet margin blocks) here - - These prices are SUBJECT UNSOLD, and I reserve the right to amend them at ANY time based on demand from my ads.  An imperf mini sheet of 5 MUH or CTO is - $A50  (Order as stock number 629KE) A superb cancelled Imperf AND perf sheet used on A4/Quarto cover to you or friends anywhere on the planet is just $A65 (Order as stock number 629KO)





Greece 1906 Olympics High Values, perfect centred mint for QUARTER SG!:  Not often seen well centred, these as you can see are spot-on perfs and centering wise - far better than usual. Fresh Mint with hinge remainders. 3D and 5D - top 2 values on this long set - the £1 and £2 Kangaroos of this era. These are now 110 years old (My price only $US140 as I type this!) $A200 (Stock 283LR)



  Australia & AAT MUH stamps - $A1,000 face value for $A700!  Mostly in PO packs and collector blocks etc - I buy a lot of this in deceased estates.  No photo needed, as each sending will vary - except I'll instead show the $100s of MONEY you’ll save if you buy a large lot of this off me!  Perfect if you send a lot of ebay lots, or the boss’s mail from work, or a Charity etc. OR you want to sell these yourself on ebay etc, OR start a new collection - as the packs are generally all different!  Or I can send mostly MUH blocks of 4 or larger if you prefer. Let me know what YOU need them for, and I will tailor something.  For instance right now, I can sell you $A500 face value for $A360 cash!  Or cheaper still buy $A1,000 face value for just $A700 cash, all mint with full gum.  I always have $1000s of face value on hand.  “Postage” has dried up markedly in recent years. The “No Gum” cleanskins peddled on ebay etc have been re-used/cleaned in most cases, and YOU commit a Federal offence to use them on mail - not the dodgy sellers. Tons more detail here that you MUST read -  $A1000 gummed face value for just $A700  (Stock number 375RV)  





Switzerland 1857, 1 Franc Lilac “Strubel” or “Rappen” Imperf – attractive used, just *15%* of SG!:  Early Swiss imperf issues are notorious for forgeries and faults and heavy repairs. This is 105% guaranteed genuine in all respects verified by a Swiss based expert dealer, and is free of hinges and gook and gunk, to hide the usual repairs of the past 160 years.  Best of all, it has a fully dated cancel that Swiss buyers LOVE, and always add a premium for “Glarus - 21 JULI - 57 – 9(A)M”.  Glarus is a small town of about 13,000 in east-central Switzerland. 1855-57 1 Franc Lilac, Scott 31, Cat $US1,000 specifically for 3 margins, and Scott notes fault free 4 margins copies sell well above catalogue. SG 38 £1,100 = $A2,400. These stamps had a horizontal silk security thread woven into the stamp paper, as an anti-forgery device.  (Just like the GB 1847 Embossed series) The first print had yellow silk threads which were hard to see, and they reverted to the more common BLACK thread we have here. Sound attractive example, SG 38 £1,100 = $A2,400 with clear cancel date, but only 15% of SG to clear. Just $US250. $A350 (Stock 682FW)



  ITALY 1927 Rare 1.30 Lira Air x FIVE copies on OHMS Gov’t cover to South Africa:  One of the wonderful covers from the President Of South Africa, General Hertzog estate I bought this month, which has never been on the market in 80+ years. This is a large cover, in great shape, from the "Legation Of The Union Of South Africa" in Rome, to Pretoria, with a superb red wax seal to that effect, impressed with the South Africa Springbok Coat Of Arms on back flap. And Alexandra Egypt transit back-stamp of April 22 : 33.

Wonderful 22 Lira 25 cents, huge total franking, that includes 5 x scarce 1.20 Lira Brown stamps, SG 201, Cat £110 each used off cover (£550 = $A1,200) It is Scott C7 - $US125 each used off cover ($US625 = $A870), in 2015 cat. Sassone Cat 150E Euro used and "x 4 on cover" = $A900 for 1 stamp on cover!  It may well be FIVE copies are not recorded on 1 cover - and most certainly NOT to South Africa!  Noted on Face "Posta Aerea via Brindisi" and all stamps are tied by clear cds "POSTA AEREA - 20/4/33 - ROMA FERROVIA".  And clear Alexandria Egypt transit cancel.  Only $US360 now - $A500 (Stock 496EJ)






Nauru 1924 “ROUGH” paper, Ship/Freighter set 14:  Attractive complete set 14 to 5/-, with BOTH 2½d values. Clean and well centred, with “NAURU - CENTRAL PACIFIC” cds cancels. MANY times scarcer than the later “Smooth/Shiny” paper set of same designs with lighter colours. Over 90 years old now.  One of the most sought after pre-war “Ship” topicals.  SG 26A/38A Cat £345=$A740.  Bought cheap in an estate today, so out it goes for under ONE THIRD Gibbons - just $A225 (342KR)





1914 "G.R.I" Marshall Islands 3/- on 3M Yacht with Certificate: 1914 3-4mm spacing, on Marshall Islands High Value 3s on 3 Mark violet-black, SG 61. Marginal unused example from the top of the sheet, with part ornate "Heraldic Eagle" adornment in the margin. Has the well-known "Stop Replaced after I” constant error, to correct the SG 61b error. Exceptional centering, with 1997 Peter Holcombe Switzerland Photo Certificate, also with his plating notes in very light pencil on back: "Setting III, Pos.2, inserted stop after I". The Certificate also confirms the further 2 Expert marks on reverse, of "Kossak" and Corinphila, Switzerland. So Expertised THREE times.

Robert Gibbs GRI Bible on p.viii states Holcombe is the world’s greatest expert on this issue. Tim Rybak's mint example, without the variety, worse centred and thinned, sold for $A4,900 by Prestige back in 2008, when the SG value was 50% less than today. Couple totally trivial blemishes as these all have, and a clean and most attractive, perfectly centred example of this Classic.  These exist in dozens not hundreds - a tiny emergency issue in the middle of WWI.  A really lovely looking example of a major Pacific Rarity, now over 100 years old. Scott 41, Michel 16, SG 61 - Cat £6,500+ = $A14,350+ (Cat £9,500 used = $A21,100!) Only $US3,675 - $A5,250 (Stock 813XK)






GB 1865 1/- Green fresh unused. SG Cat $6,250, for just $900:  Very Fresh unused, with deep vivid original colour - amazing really after 150 years of issue.  Entirely free of the hinges and gook and gunk that one usually encounters on stamps of this advanced age.  Clean and flat, crisp bright impression, and no usual thins or creases or toning etc.  SG 101, Plate 4 Cat £2,850 = $A6,250.  Bought cheap to clear fast for Xmas at just 15% of Gibbons! Only $US650. $A900 (Stock 492EK)  





Australia Post Annual "Year Books" Black LEATHER "Executive" Edition complete - Book #1 to 2000  - $A575 under retail  ONE set only!  The "Leather" (Executive) books are VERY classy.  All have been Black genuine Leather covered, with brass corners, since the first issue in 1986, so they are a fully matched classy Black set. Covers are thickly padded and deeply gold inscribed on front and spine.  Each book has a matching gold embossed heavy slipcase .. see the main photo above - the 3 slipcases are standing at back.  These keep dust and moisture OUT of your stamp albums and are ESSENTIAL in this climate.

Australia Post charges $35 more for each Leather album over the regular Year Book, due to high cost of making leather covers etc.  So retail is accordingly much higher - add that extra cost up over 15 books!  Numbers produced are a small FRACTION of normal books, so re-sale value stays very strong.  Sitting in a neat row on a lounge room bookshelf these look super classy - like a set of Law Books or Britannia's etc!  They come out each year in same design, so you can readily keep up to date.

The presentation of the stamps and the artwork and detail on the pages in these books is an absolute credit to Australia Post.  High gloss varnished paper, and double facing pages of info on EVERY stamp issue.  Laden with photos and factual background information.  For collectors with younger children or Grandchildren this is a goldmine for their education and general knowledge.  Or a family heirloom collection to keep up to date.

The 2000 regular Year Book surprised everyone by having in it, the Australia Sydney Olympic Gold Medal winner sheetlet of 16.  You could obtain this sheet NO other way.  That sheetlet alone retails for $100 in many shops. The 1988 LEATHER book has always been near impossible to source.  Full retail list of these superb books here -

I have ALWAYS had the largest stock of Year Books in Sydney  probably Australia.  I buy more estates than anyone else it seems, and also folks come to me when selling these books, as they know I will buy them.  And I thus MUST sell as cheaply as I can, to MOVE all this stock, or I will drown in it!  Bought this CHEAP today in an Estate, so OUT they go.

This is a lovely collection of EVERY leather book issued from 1986 (Leather Book Number #1) to 2000.  FIFTEEN matched books.   A large wine carton FULL.  My normal discount retail on these as you can see nearby is $A1,575.  (All later Leather books are in stock of course.)  A superb gift idea perhaps for someone?  To clear this Estate lot fast, out they go for $575 less than retail - a round figure per set of 15 -  $A995  (Order as stock code 451W)



Nauru 1924 “ROUGH” paper, Ship/Freighter set 14:
Near all are hard cover, and all of course are full colour on quality thick paper. Also a Solomon Islands set slipped in somehow!  These cost many $100s from PO.  PO Price tags on many of $14.95 and $16.95 as you can see.  All with stamps inside. The "Australian Impressionists - Our Heritage in Stamps" has about $19 in MUH stamps inside up to the $10 Tom Roberts high value etc, and will have cost over $20 on new issue I am sure. There are TWO of that book here - high face of about $A37.50. Bought cheap, to sell cheap, at UNDER SEVEN DOLLARS A BOOK to clear!  Most look like they have never been opened.  A ton more pix here -  $A165 (Stock 867SC)




China 1967 Chairman Mao Tse Tung “Cultural Revolution” Stamps:  THE hottest stamp area on this planet, and it will continue to be so for some time I’d suspect.  1.4 BILLION people, and a lot of them collect stamps, and that number increases annually.  Mao is a ROCK STAR LEVEL LEGEND in China.  I was in Beijing this July for a week, and the crowds lining up to visit Mao’s tomb are a MILE long each day, and start at 6am.  10,000s of people waiting in line to visit his tomb, all day, EVERY day.  It is a mark of their great respect, and he is more popular than ever.  With all age groups interestingly.  And so it is with his stamps.  In this 1967 era The Red Guards actively frowned on such “bourgeoisie capitalistic activities” as the locals collecting stamps, and punished anyone caught, or dobbed in, for doing so, with “Re-Education” camps etc.  Rather curiously, collecting became instantly unpopular!  Now 50 years on, everyone wants these, and not many were retained.  Supply Hits Demand - BINGO.

This was some kind of tourist packet sold in Hong Kong that I have never seen before - foreign tourism was near non-existent in China at that time of course. Owner had TWO such identical packs. Has original price sticker “$HK10” ($A2!) or back!  Removed one set from card, and stamps are clean and fresh of course.  Has the COMPLETE set of 8 “Long Live Chairman Mao” SG 2354/8,2367/9. Scott 949/956.  Worth my asking price ALONE!  And 3 x scarce handwritten 3 Mao “POEMS” SG 2376/80/81, Scott 970/972/974. And the December 1966 Lu Hsun Manuscript writing, SG 2331, Scott 926.  Catalogue prices increase EVERY year for Mao material.  I am using the soon to be replaced SG CHINA 2014, and Scott 2015.  They are likely to increase in new editions. Cat values in there NOW for these are £853 ($A1,830) in SG, and $US1,137 ($A1,575) in Scott, and Euro 900+ in Michel.  Would they fetch a ton more than this on ebay - of course they would!  Each set about One THIRD of the outdated Gibbons, for the world’s hottest region!  A snip at just $US450 each set. $A625 (Stock 452HX)




1938/1944 Ascension Island 2/6d KGVI “DAVIT” Flaw – Cat £1,400 for just $A800: One of the highest catalogued flaws in the KGVI era for the Commonwealth. Bright and very fresh, and totally free of the gum aging so often seen on these. Faint hinge touch. SG 45ca Cat £1,400 = $A3,075. SG recently purchased Murray Payne and you can GUARANTEE key KGVI errors will be hiked up in value in SG!  Bought attractively, so priced to clear fast at about a QUARTER SG!!  Only $US570. $A800 (Stock 753ER)




Australia FDC's 1970 to 1990 x 873, PO cost $1350+ just $A400!  2 each of many including the key $20 Painting - Retail $40 EACH.  You pay just 50¢ each! Overall very decent shape .. minor aging here and there as usual seen for this era. 10% FDC - no PSE's here. 873 FDC. Totally unpicked by me as usual - ALL the topical/thematic goodies are in here. Mini sheets, lots of se-tenant strips of 5, and joined pairs etc. And these often sell for $5 or $10 or more a set fine used. Many folks forget how HIGH the USED sets are priced in SG from this era.  In some cases the SG price is 10 to 43 times the FACE, and off me you are paying  FRACTION of face. A TON more pix and info here -

Usual odd age blemish etc here and there, due to 45 year old age, but better than usual, and a darn good lot at this price, and remember even if you choose to soak off the odd one for “VFU”, they are still great value. Complete capital city postcode sets of the FRAMA labels from 1984 - very pricey. On ebay, results are often superb on these, when offered singly or in groups of each year etc, when they have a free listing day. An Orchid set with SG cat $A15 often gets $5 to $7 from topical collectors, or over 10 times your cost etc.  Maybe keep the better sets for yourself, and sell off the others, so as you get the ones you retain totally FREE?  These cost $1,351 to buy ex PO.  A GOLDMINE re-seller lot. Way under 50c a cover!  This is only $US290 right now. $A400 (Stock 318NM)





Superb and Ornate NE Tasmania 1870 Share Certificate:  (Price Just Reduced By $200 - HALF price!)  I paid a lot of money for this one, as it is by FAR the most attractive and colorful share cert I have EVER seen from the Australasian area.  Mostly they were pretty boring and drab looking, but this is an absolute gem - a real ornate work of art, as can be seen, with gold leaf even!  On watermarked, deckle edge quality handmade paper.

"United Victorian & Tasmanian Quartz Mining Co" 1870 blue & gold 'Scrip Certificate' for 10 shares. Beautiful! This relates to the short-lived gold rush at Lyndhurst (then called Waterhouse) in NE Tasmania. Gold was discovered there in 1869.  The similar era and size, private Australian banknotes have gained in interest enormously in recent years, and sell into 5 figures.  Again, the most ornate, get the best prices in general. These are very akin to those private banknotes.

A near identical one - made out to same person even, with near identical share registry numbers, was offered at the nation's leading Numismatic auction Nobles and was invoiced after costs for $A815 - on a $250 estimate - See large blow up of it on that site.  Save $515 buying from Stevo for a finer example!  Absolutely wonderful fresh condition for 145 years old, and no pinholes, as per the Nobles example. Just $US210. $A300 (Stock 527GD)




Australia 5/- Kangaroo attractive MVLH: 1932 super fresh mint - a lovely looker, as you can see.  Clean and fresh and flat, with the lightest possible hinge touch, and great colour. This was the height of the Great Depression, and folks having 5/- , a few days wages - to spend on a mint stamp were not many!  A great number of these after 83 years have gum ageing - and bad perfs and centering are common as well.  You could buy this “MUH” for $800 and get a $5 regum!  Juzwin Retail $485 for this centering MLH.  SG 135. Just $US265 right now $A375 (Stock 274TZ)




Fresh West Germany 1949 to 1969 on SG leaves SG value $A3,850 - just 11% of SG!  All superb mint except 1949 Lubeck Marian church set, which is VFU. A very valuable collection from the PRICEY period for Germany. The country was rebuilding after the War, and stamps were not on anyone's mind really. Hence the high prices of many of these sets, especially the Charity premium ones - few had extra money to spend on such flippant things, when your town was being rebuilt etc. Lovely fresh looking lot with tiny little frugal quarter width thickness hinges applied at New Issue time, that will doubtless peel off leaving little or no mark at all on gum.

A ton more pix here -  Not all shown above of course. The collection has not been outside the hands of original collector buyer for half century.  All clean New Issue stock. Ignore the earlier pencil prices which were done years back in Dm, and were higher then of course it looks like! SG current Cat is £1,751 = $A3,850.  Bought cheap to sell at just 11% of Gibbons, for key material, in lovely clean condition. Terrific start off lot for someone, or a brilliant ebay prospect for someone on Free listing day!  Only $US300 as I type this! $A425 (Stock 538ED)





NZ 1993 $1.20 Dinosaur Stamp superb CTO, SG £3,125 ($A6,900) for just $A200!  Just 3% of Gibbons!  What an amazing hoard. A dealer bought a stack of sheets of these in 1993, all cancelled FDI at the Philatelic Bureau on October 1, 1993. He knew this Mauisarus stamp would be scarce, as it was a UNIQUE Dinosaur species from NZ (from 70 million years back) and as such had barely appeared on any other country stamp for that reason.  As there are masses of Dinosaur topical collectors globally, all after things they do not own, that was pretty cunning.  

His theory was perfect as the used stamp soon shot up in value  to more than mint in fact, and in the SG cat is SG 1766, Cat £2.50 each x 1,250++ units = £3,125 current cat = $A6,900.  Dealer laboriously tore them into singles and added one in each outgoing order as a thank you freebie for his buyers, with a little roneoed note inside as to what it was, and why it would stay scarce. Smart idea as a good client freebie for a low cost.  Would work just as well today actually, or offer them on ebay etc, for 10 - £25 ($A55) SG cat, superb FDI CTO, for $10 each lot etc. just 3% of Gibbons!  Just $US140 - $A200 (Stock 713LD)



Portugal 1945/1946 Lisbon Castle Mini Sheets Fresh MUH - SG £275 ($A600) for $A235:  The superb looking Portuguese Castles 1E.75 Miniature Sheet. SG #996a, fresh MUH, Cat £275 = $A600.  Well centred and fresh and seldom offered in this region at ANY price. Especially MUH examples. An absolute key post war issue, and missing from near all collections. $A235 (Stock 682GQ)





Official WWF slip-cased leather FDC album, at *HALF* cost!:  Superb OFFICIAL production, in official Panda logo embossed black leather binder with matching slipcase.  The Australia agents mail these to clients in "Chapters" each month. Each 'Chapter' is of one animal or bird and comes with all written up detail and all official FDC and MUH stamps as you can see. This person has the full run of 12 Chapters which as can be seen are debited at $36.85 = $A442.20. The album I assume was extra cost on top of that.

A ton of extra pix of these here - : comes complete with Official welcome letter from the WWF Patron, The Duke Of Edinburgh on Buckingham Palace stationary. Bought cheap, so I can sell for HALF the purchase cost - just $225!  WWF is about THE hottest stamp topical on earth, and these of course are all 105% OFFICIAL emissions. Good condition. 12 Chapters = 12 x MUH sets, and 52 x FDCs - all in great condition. $A225 (Stock 206CH)






1970 Captain Cook Mini Sheet x FIFTY fresh MUH Cat $1,000 - $A225:  What a find. These are 45 years old and were of course Australia’s first ever imperf issue.  The same stamps were of course issued in normal sheet form. The mini-sheet seemed to have not caused much interest. 1970 was a decade before the stamp boom and in those days there was no speculative buying.  Except this guy, who incredibly bought FIFTY as a new issue, and tucked them away.  Captain Cook is a large global topical.

In 1980 these were up to $50 a sheet = $A2,500. They are still ASC Cat $20 each = $A1,000. This sheet foxes and tones badly for some reason, and due to size and thin paper they readily crease and bend.  These look like they came from PO last week!  Cat $1,000  FIFTY sheets for just $A225 for USA buyers that is just $US155 right now!  Brilliant for ebay seller etc to offer singly, or per 5 or 10.  Indeed many have the ACSC Variety “Double Spear” on the 30c, which is cat 3.5 times a normal and sells well singly. $A4 each  a coffee costs more than that!  $A225 = $US155 (Stock 835LE)





VAN DIEMEN'S LAND (Tasmania) 1827, Bill of Exchange Cheque for £100 Sterling:  Issued in Hobart Town, 11th October 1827, Number 414, payable to Deputy Ass’t Comm(issariat) General Hall, and signed A. Moodie.  On “Magnay & Sons London” double lined watermarked paper, and signed “Geo Hall” on reverse. Almost identical to the Third Of Exchange example shown in Renniks on page 160, of same year, and has the same two Signatories even, with Renniks Cat $7,500 in VF, and this one is higher graded, XF at least. 105% original, and Guaranteed 105% Genuine.  Wonderful condition, and an early piece of our pioneer early history.

An incredibly early official monetary instrument from Tasmania, (indeed for Australia) and in SUPERB condition, especially for something from this region, 188 years old. Hobart was a truly tiny and remote settlement in 1827, and not even a city. Convicts had not yet streamed en-masse from the UK, and the infamous Port Arthur Prison was not even commenced until 1830.  She had no Registry of Deeds in which to record land dealings until 1827 when up by Governor Arthur, and financial arrangements were not much better, the tiny settlement was left to deal with such issues as best it could.

A bill of Exchange Cheque was an early form of Bank Draft. Indeed in early days of Tasmania, a de-facto currency for large sums, backed and guaranteed by His Majesty’s Treasury London, no less. The Bank Of Van Diemen’s Land was not even established until October 1827, when this was issued.  These were generally drawn in “sets” - the Original, the “Second" or duplicate of Exchange, and also a "Third Of Exchange", the most commonly seen. Each was drawn for the same amount, but was worded so that only one of a set of 3 was ever paid. In those days when sea-mails were slow and uncertain, each copy of the “set” was deliberately sent to the Drawer by a different set of ships and sea routes, and the first one to be received, was paid.

The sailing ships used to carry this “set” are noted by sender in Red at base of the Bill, and are by “Persian” (400 Tons) and “Lang” (556 tons). The return manifest of “Lang” in Jan 1828 under Capt Lusk included "431 bales wool, 193 casks whale oil, 696½ slabs and 190 bundles of whale bone, 90 tons mimosa bark and 55 planks cedar" (!)   Superb condition for something of this nature and age, and one of the very finest of the few survivors. Catalogued $A7,500+ and highly sought after. These appeal to a wide range of collectors - of Banknotes and cheques, early Australian historical documents, and early Tasmania etc. $A2.500 (Stock 693HQ)





Bahamas 1902/1910 6d Brown KEVII “Deformed E” Superb dated used:  One of the great plate varieties from this popular country. Variety shows beautifully clear of the postmark, as you can see.  Superb used - clean and fresh and bright and totally free of hinges, ad gunk and gook so common on stamps over a century old. Has a clear light cds of “NASSAU - AUG 09 – (BAHAMAS)” which is ESSENTIAL to see when buying a used copy as Mint are HALF the price of used, and crooks add vague fake corner cancels. For the USED collector, a dated cds is essential. SG 66a, Cat £300 = $A650. A fraction of SG, and under $US200 right now: $A275 (Stock 398RK)




 1913 5/- Kangaroo First Watermark stamp. Crisp CTO cancel - SUPERB:  CTO Kangaroo prices have gone insane in the past few years -  as you can see on link here, single stamps selling for up to SEVEN times the most recent ACSC prices: - So top grade stamps like this, are worth grabbing NOW.  ACSC 42wb $A300 as the VERY cheapest CTO type.  Juzwin retail $A300 for typical copies.  SG 13, £200 = $A430 for average used.  

This one far better than most, clean and fresh with NO hinges or gook or gunk on reverse. Clearly a premium looker for a 100+ year old high value stamp, and great perfs and centering for any 1913 CTO, as you can see, which often have many ripped out perfs due to the long fibre paper used on this issue, and generally are WAY off centre.  Wildly under-valued by the market. There were less issued of this value than the 1913 £1 and £2 First Watermark Roos .. and for one of those, you can add a ZERO to this price - plus some! $A275 (Stock 563HK)





1993 GB 24p Machin stamp *POSTAL FORGERY* in MUH blocks, $A5 each!  I bought a couple of sheets of these nearly 20 years back when they first surfaced in the UK, sold to Indian and similar family owned small corner stores and supermarkets, who retailed stamps for normal letters.  A UK dealer, Bushell & Wright, was too scared to offer them in the UK, in case Scotland Yard paid him a visit. So he did a deal with me, and I sold them here for about $A40-$50 per stamp as I recall. Sterling was VERY high back then of course, and UK retail was £20 which was about $A45 a stamp then - literally.

The dealers got a Barrister's written opinion (copy of which I can enclose for you!) that him owning or selling these above face value created no offence under British Law in his view. Just as well - the forgers were caught and got prison sentences of up to 12 years each –  far more detail here -  Forgeries listed in SG, under Cat X969.  Single current Machins from Kiloware are getting $A325 each on ebay as I report below, so Machins are back in the news BIG time -

Large UK dealers currently sell blocks of 8 of these same 24p Machin Forgery stamps for £77.50 ($A170 plus $20 post!) or about $A24 apiece, as you can see -  I have one even larger block on hand at $A5 a stamp, if anyone is interested in breaking it down on ebay etc for a far greater profit.  Keep a single, or block of 4 for yourself from the above lots, and sell the others on ebay etc, to get yours FREE!  You may even come out in front money wise, and still keep yours free. Illustrated MUH block 10 as per photo, is ONE THIRD UK dealer price - $A70 or a MUH block of 20, perfect for any album page, for a QUARTER of UK retail -  $A120 (Order as stock number 619TQ)









Arthur Gray “KGV Era” hard cover ‘Leather’ Auction Cat:  THE finest stamp auction catalogue ever produced for an Australian stamp collection. Indeed probably for any stamp collection, globally. Hard cover, rich burgundy, deep grain “leather” look cover, with the $190,000 pair of unissued 1914 stamps ‘sunken’ into front cover. 270 large A4 pages, in superb colour, with many photos on each page. 100s are supersized of the rare plate varieties, and flaws offered etc. An essential KGV heads and Commems reference, that you’ll consult regularly. The super-sized sharp scans of the KGV head flaws, and the commemorative flaws, and re-entries etc, are an essential reference. Lots more discussion on the Gray sale here with pix -

I have a few copies left and my offer comes complete with full prices realised list from this $ Millions sale, AND a copy of the official typed mossgreen A4 “Errata” sheet tabled in room on day of sale, AND better still, the 16 page, full colour detailed A4 booklet summarising the $7 million Arthur Grey “Kangaroo” sale in New York I attended, AND even a copy of the ornate A4 pre-sale Dinner Menu.  Has the wonderful 11 page detailed preamble by Dr. Geoff Kellow, outlining all the famous early collections, collectors, and summary of the Australian stamp printers, and essential background to the KGV and early stamp issues. Only a few left, then you’ll pay for this set, the $300 that the Gray “Kangaroo” catalogue etc now fetches on the secondary market! $A125 (Stock 746SX)





French Polynesia 50 y.o. MUH Coll Cat 525 Euro. $A195:  Juicy lot of 1950s/mid 1970s material. Fresh lot, a few gum issues on a few not high cat items, which are near all fine fresh MUH it seems on a spot check.  Michel 505 Euro, and Yvert 524.30 Euros = $A824. My price is less than QUARTER CAT.  This stuff is HOT and almost never offered - especially not at this price.  A ton more pix of these stamps here -  Big sellers on ebay. $A195 (Stock 644HG)  






New Zealand 90c 2002 $9 Curio Bay Stamp Booklet TOTALLY IMPERFORATE!:  A brilliant modern error. 90c Curio Bay (Catlins) stamp. Clean and fresh and totally IMPERFORATE - not even traces of the cutting knife as one usually sees in such cases. Campbell Patterson W88AY Cat $2,500. For an ebay seller etc, you have FIVE imperf pairs here inc a MEGA margin small imperf pane, costing you just $150 a PAIR!  Only a few books discovered, and will sell fast at $A750 (Stock 914EJ)





Charles/Diana 1981 Royal Wedding, AND Diana 21st Birthday MUH: Commemoration stamp sets in complete gutter blocks 10. Comp Omnibus from all the Crown Agent country Wedding - 22 countries for the Royal Wedding alone, and 17 for the Birthday.  Each Royal Wedding set consists of 3 gutter strips of 10 stamps from the 22 countries (660 stamps alone.) Each with the superb Prince Of Wales Heraldic artwork down the centre.

21st Birthday sets of 4 gutter strips of 10 stamps each from 17 countries total 680 stamps. So we have here 390 sets 4 of this super popular topical = 1340 MUH stamps. The Decorative gutters strips are highly collected as near all sales were in single units as the decorative gutter blocks were SUPER PRICEY to buy back 33 years back.

Buyer's invoice from Max Stern was in there for $A1,600 which for 390 sets of stamps is what was charged back then - a ton of face value here. Clean looking lots, and at just a DOLLAR A SET is my clearance buy of the month! That is LESS than $US1 a set.  A ton more photos here -

Superb collection right here, as they are perfect Hagner or stockbook page size, or to list each country on ebay etc you'll be amazed. The SUPER popular countries are here - Ascension, St Helena, British Antarctic Territory, Falkland Dependencies, Hong Kong, Pitcairn, Norfolk, Tristan da Cunha, Fiji, Falklands etc. $A425 (Stock 684JG)




New Zealand 2006 Kapa Haka “Unissued” set of 5:  Sold, advertised, mailed and charged to some standing order clients by NZ Post. But hastily withdrawn in panic at 11th hour, as some Maori activists did not like the design images.  39 mint sets of 5 were mailed and they are the rarest post-war issues for 100 years from NZ. (See note in SG “New Zealand” cat.) An affordable way to buy these is via the un-issued 45¢ "Poi" Maori dancer self-adhesive booklet stamps or the 45¢ coil version.  FAST ordering is recommended as when my small stock is gone, they can't be replaced.

Price is $A2,000 a single 45¢ self-adhesive booklet stamp neatly cut from the block, or $A3,950 a horizontal pair. (45¢ Coil stamps the same prices)  Or $A7,000 a booklet block of 4 - if a block is still intact of course when you order! (A block of 4 is a booklet “pane” - each booklet has 2 panes of 4, and a pair.)  Or the complete booklet of 10 for $A14,000. (One only in stock.)

These figures are miles lower than NZ retail which is high as tiny supply rapidly shrinks, and news of their existence slowly spreads overseas. "Linn's Stamp News" carried my story on these front page in colour. And best of all, the NZ dollar has strengthened a lot against $A in recent months. A Len Jury auction in Auckland saw a set of 5 of these sell for $14,900 on a $13,500 estimate, and a later Mowbrays NZ sale had a set 5 invoiced at $14,562.  I have several full sets of 5 for sale MUH at $A8,500 a set 5 or $A45,000 for a plate block 6.

If you buy them off me, as an Australian resident, you avoid a certain 10% GST impost upon arrival from NZ as a highly insured item, versus ordering locally, and avoid the nasty new 3-4% "overseas use surcharge" + bad exchange rate your credit card bank will certainly levy.  Likewise for NZ buyers I mail in such a way Registered as to cause no interest there on entry.  My copies are IN-STOCK, and ready to mail now.

Remember only 39 mint sets of 5 of these were sold, and NZ Post has confirmed that in writing – see article below.  Each stamp in each set is FAR scarcer than the 1906 1d "Claret" Christchurch, which have fetched up to $NZ22,500 each at public auction.  A full set of 5 from me costs only $A8,500 – or just $A1,700 each.  Classics of the future.

For FAR more details of them all here:





LUXEMBOURG 1956 Europa set 3 fresh MUH:  One of the key Post-War sets from all of Europe. The key to all the EUROPA Omnibus issues, and fresh MUH. Bought from the Estate of an old French chap who had a lot of material like this from a New Issue supply. Clean and fresh MUH, deep bright colours, and well centred with great perfs as can be seen. SG 609.611 £465 = $A1,000+.  Less than a QUARTER Gibbons - indeed just $US165. $A235 (Stock 718DZ)





1914 “Wizard Stone” Flight postcard:  A rare survivor of this American pioneer “Barnstormer” dare-devil Aviator. The usual 1d Kangaroo franking cancelled on reverse, and addressed to Lindfield NSW. Unusually fresh and attractive, as you can see. Message reads to a Miss R. Percy - "May this message gather blessings in its flight to bestow them upon you. Frank. 20/5/14"  Stone’s mechanic was Bert Hinkler, a young Australian aviation enthusiast, who later became a famous solo long-distance flyer and was depicted on a stamp in 1978.

The few others I’ve seen of these were in appalling shape after 100+ years. Our SECOND Aerophilatelic item. Eustis AAMC Catalogue number #2. Right after the 1914 Maurice Guillaux postcard of June 14 - Cat $17,500. Indeed this Wizard Stone flight was scheduled to precede the Guillaux flight in May 1914, but plane was damaged. PO had announced he would carry our first ever “Airmail”. Flight later reset to June 6, but plane crashed!  Cat $A800, way back in 2008, and in this exceptional shape, should be 4 figures. A piece of aviation history. $A600 (Stock 728JR)





1932 5/- Sydney Harbour Bridge stamp Superb VFU:  The most iconic stamp from this country, and is missing from 95% of collections. It was printed on what was essentially coarse handtowel type paper and perforated with blunt nails.  This was the absolute height of the Great Depression, and even the Government Printer was economising. The coarse paper means a large number are thinned, and the perfs, as all will know are often terrible and ripped out. They were perforated with the single line machine  like a fancy treadle sewing machine  1 line at a time then sheet rotated 90 degrees and the other sides done. Hence wide margin centring is not common at all. A beauty  clean and perfect with superb perfs and centering.  Yes these do sell a little lower at times BUT that is due to the inferior centering and reverse etc. $A265 (Stock 912AX)






SINGAPORE used coll, from SG 1 to 1990. SG £938 ($A2,060) for just $A400:  (Price Just Reduced By $100!!)  Handy lot, from KGVI Defins - sets to $5 in both perfs, to 1990.  Many key sets and Defins all through.  A lot more pages of these stamps shown here -  Correct SG cat is £938 = $A2,060 last year: higher in new cat for sure.  All on pages in side plastic protectors, in a red album.  Condition seems OK on a quick look, but being in protectors, hard to check them! Under 20% of SG Cat – just $US280 - $A400   (Stock 187QV)




The Engraved Stamps Of The Commonwealth Of
Australia - price *Reduced* $A200 this month!



The quite magnificent official Australia Post produced coffee table book. Compiled by Richard Breckon. Brass cornered, beautifully gold deeply embossed leatherette cover, gilt edged outer leaf edges, with matching marbled heavy slipcase. Issued in a VERY limited Edition for Australia 99.  I am advised d only a few 100 copies were ever made, and were a near instant sell-out .... even at the very high issue price.  Being so recent they almost NEVER come on the market - no-one wants to let them go!

Semi opaque interleaved pages with designs on them. Real heavyweight grade archival weight paper. Varnished glazed paper for effect in parts. The photos really do not begin to convey the lavishness and class of this book.  My guess is the book and slipcase cost well over $100 to make.  Shows masses of issued designs and superlative background info.  Similar in size to a Leather PO Year Book.

Also contains
28 different Official correct size recess printed DIE PROOFS in black from the original dies. From 1913 1d Engraved KGV to 1965 Anzac. Inc most early commems - like Harbour Bridge, Jubilee, Canberra, Hermes, Sturt, Sesquicentenary etc.  Also high value Definitives like the 1 Robes and Arms, 7/6d Cook &c.  All this at around $10 an official Die Proof!  And NOT obtainable any other way than via this book.

The Die Proofs sold separately would realise FAR more than the entire book is selling for here.  The KGV 1d Engraved, or 1 Robes could very easily bring $50 to $100 each on their own if sold separately as official PO issued Die Proofs.

A magnificent book for ANY collector to own. Words cannot describe the lavish production and contents and luxury "feel" .... EVERY person - dealer or collector - who has seen it here on the office desk picked it up and said
"WOW"!  Gary Watson's Prestige Philately got $437 for a set in a Public Auction. They called them "without doubt the BEST product released by Australia post in recent decades.  Bought 3 in an estate, and have reduced the price of last 2 from $500 to just $300 each!  Buy yourself a classy GIFT you'll always love handling and looking at  $A300  - (Order as stock number 428YS)





Kangaroo 1913 2/- Brown CTO perfect centred and SUPERB, $A250:  CTO Kangaroo prices have gone insane in recent times - as you can see on link here, single stamps selling for up to SEVEN times the recent ACSC prices –  So stamps like this are worth grabbing NOW = ACSC 35wb $A300 as cheapest CTO date in average grade. This one clearly a premium looker - centering and perfs are GENERALLY appalling on this 1913 issue. Perfectly centred, and brilliant perfs for any 1913 CTO, as you can see and deep rich original Chocolate colour. The reason Grange Hermitage red wine sells for $500 a bottle, and rough reds are always $5 a bottle, is the same as VFU stamps - some savvy folks recognise real quality - and will gladly pay for it! Only $US175 right now - $A250 (Stock 582QC)  






1904/12 $100 Sultan, Top Value, Superb Used - Cat £1,000:  A super high value – far higher in face value than our £2 Kangaroo. And an outstanding example too.  Clean and attractive with fantastic perfs and centering and deep, rich, original unfaded colour, and light Johore cancel.  SG 77, £1000 = $A2,200.  Interest in top end stamps from British Asia is growing like topsy from the region, and this sort of piece will keep going up in SG, I feel sure. $A600 (Stock 673HW)




NSW 1894 1/- QV DLR Telegram Form, o/p SPECIMEN $A200:  The very scarce 1/- black Queen Victoria value, showing the 1876 De La Rue design type.  Retail elsewhere $470 on these same form!  These NSW Telegraph/Telegram forms were issued in February 1894 121 years back.  1/- was for inland messages. The messages could not exceed ten words for the pre-paid 1/-.  Lovely item to display for the collector - fits superbly on a #1 Hagner Sheet, or album or stockbook page, and looks very attractive, as you can see. These were UPU distributed folded horizontally, to all the recipient UPU countries. These are on very fragile thin paper. Ive seen these in the past where foxing is very bad due to the cheap acidic paper used, and indeed separated in 2 pieces, and this is VERY clean and intact, I am pleased to say. $A200 (Stock 815LX)






GB Range KEVII and early KGV heads in *MUH* strips and blocks;  Came in an estate today, and SG now price MUH, and pretty strongly. All GENUINE GUM MUH. Odd minor issue mentioned for accuracy (they ARE all over 100 years old!) but SG cat is £426 = $A935.  Brilliant ebay re-seller etc. $250 (Stock 562GK)






The superb and massive Hugh Freeman ‘Numeral Cancels Of Victoria’ Book:  As readers know, my long time mantra is “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”   Well here is a book EVERY collector and dealer should have.  Spot a scarce numeral cancel on a common 1d stamp just ONCE in your lifetime, and you'll pay for this book MANY times over, on that ONE stamp!

I use this book ALL the time.  It is a SUPERB work.  It could not be more highly recommended by me.  BRAND new hard cover book .. and at issue price due to a fortunate buy, in dust cover. 420 pages.  They list all the Vic number cancels recorded on Roos and KGV heads. (There are more than you imagine ... and most were done against instructions!)

They lists all the COLOUR strikes of these cancels when known, and when used.  This book in 5 or 10 years’ time will be VERY saleable - indeed I can almost bet you'll get well over $150 for it down the track.  History shows all these well written, out of print books on popular subjects, done in limited runs, hold and generally increase their value.

The much thinner modern era Robert Gibbs "GRI" book sold for $A750 at a recent Prestige sale, (many times issue price) so superb content hardcover books in a small print run always do very well long term.  I have sold about 40 of the Arthur Gray "Kangaroos" auction catalogues for $A150 each.  And that was a free auction cat, printed in MANY times the numbers this was.

More photos and detail on this book is here -   Read my detailed “Stamp News” review of this superb work when issued -  
A$150   - (Order as stock number 411KT)

My current ‘Stamp News’ column on the superb books on the postmarks of Victoria and Bernie Manning’s new SECOND EDITION “Queensland cancels” have created a STAMPEDE of orders!  Collector and dealers worldwide have lined up for these.  Find ONE better type numeral cancel on a common 1d state stamp, or 1d KGV or 1d Roo, and you’ll pay for the book TWICE or TREBLE over.





Superb Used 1915 Second Watermark 2/- Kangaroo stamp:   Cost - what a few current “Year Books” are, from your local PO!  Madness.  What will THEY be worth in 10 years? This Second Watermark (emergency war-time use on KGV watermark paper) was only on sale for a short time during WW1 before the 3rd watermark 2/- brown was issued. Only one printing of 960,000 was made.  And most importantly, there are only 2 x genuine CTO 2/- copies known in the collector market - unlike the 1913 First Watermark 2/-, where literally 1,000s of CTO exist, for folks seeking an “attractive used” copy for the album.  

A very FU example of this same stamp sold recently at public auction here for near $A600. (Estimate $160) I sold it to that seller for about $200 only a few years back. 95% of those offered on ebay etc are NOT Second Watermark. I can pick these stamps at a glance from the front. They are always a paler brown like this - Thirds never are, and these always have clean cut perfs .. the cheap THIRD wmk never do. Clueless or conniving Ebay Bunny sellers know neither fact of course. This exact stamp was a recent “Tip Of The Month” -  Crisp upright “SYDNEY SPECIAL - 2 JE : 16” cds.

Buying from me you get GUARANTEED Second Watermark, and a GUARANTEED grade .. 100% free of thins, tears, creases and foxing so normal on these 100 years old stamps. Clean and fresh and neatly cancelled, clear of main Roo design. I keep EVERY Australian stamp in stock 1913-1980 and in FIVE grades for each, from Spacefiller to Superb Used, to suit EVERY budget. I have EASILY the world’s largest stock of used Roos, normal and “OS”.  I have this exact stamp from $50 to $450 in cost. Contact me re your Australia USED gaps. The reason Grange Hermitage wine sells for $500 a bottle, and rough reds are always $5 a bottle, is the same as VFU stamps - some savvy folks recognise real quality - and will gladly pay for it!  $A395 (Stock 816RG)





GB 1877 4d Pale Sage Green on neat cover to ARGENTINA! SG Cat £600+ - $A225:  A short lived pale color, and covers seldom seen, hence the high SG price of From £600 = $A1,325  Better still, it is to ARGENTINA.  Clear “London May 3 1880” cancel, and endorsed by sender as PER FRENCH MAIL.  Neat corner sender dated chop in BLUE, of Kleinwort Cohen & Co London - later Kleinwort Benson, bankers.  Lovely clear arrival 8 sided double boxed (Paid) cancel: “ABANADO 28 MAY 1880”.  A worn Buenos Aires cds alongside for same May 28 date.  Amazingly fresh condition for 135 years old.  SG 153, Plate 16, SG Cat $1,325, for just 17½% of SG or $US155 - $A225 (Stock 928EJ)


  Netherlands 1913 Centenary Set 13, Cat £1,325 ($A2,915) just $A600:  This is the complete set, attractive clean used. Same year and same importance as the 1913 Kangaroo set - THOSE are $6,500 used, and these are just $600!  Michel 81-92 cat E1,100.  SG 214/222 £1,325 = $A2,915. Near 20% of SG, and only $US420 -  $A600 - (Stock 283LF)  





Pitcairn Island. Complete country Mint, from SG#1 just $A375:  Pitcairn Island in maroon Hagner binder on 37 Hagners - these retail $80 alone!  Near complete mint from 1940 to late 1990s, current retail value $1,361, all noted on small removable stickers on pages as you can see. Back 20 years this same collection (less the newer issues of course!) cost a client $A1,250 from Richard Juzwin his invoice notes, so a steal at $A375!  Around a QUARTER RETAIL!  Earlies are MLH - all others MUH - all looked pretty fresh on a quick spot check when taking pix. TWO sets of some of the sought after modern issues.  Estate special - bought cheap to sell cheap FAST!  Only about $US262 as I type this! $A375 Stock 468JF






















Seychelles 2c QV Green and Orange Brown SUPERB MVLH with major plate Var:  SG £350. Brilliant copy, clean and fresh MVLH with deep vivid “printed yesterday” original colour ex UK, and superb perfs and centering for these. MVLH on fresh, flat original gum. With the major SG listed “Repaired Right S”. 1900, SG 28a £350 = $A775.  Impossible example to improve upon for 115 years old. $475 UNDER SG cat. Just $US210 right now. $A300 (Stock 683GQ)






Falklands 2002 Queen Mother M/S x 100 Cat $2,200. Under FACE!  Falkland Islands - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 2002 Memorial Stamp Miniature Sheet.  My vendor bought these at face value, 13 years ago from the Crown Agents, for a promotion upon the Queen Mother’s Death, aged 101, and had a couple of bundles left over when stocktaking. Superb and fresh MUH still in original Crown Agents packs of 100. SG MS936 Cat £10 each - £1,000 = $A2,200. Face value is £2.15 = $A475 a bundle of 100. He had THREE bundles of 100, so if anyone wants all THREE the price drops to just $A1,100. (SG Cat $A6,600) – that is about 16½% of SG!  Superb re-seller line, as no-one else on ebay has these at ANY price! To clear at about 20% UNDER FACE - $A400. Just $US280 right now – $A400 (Stock 749LET)





Australia 1970 Definitives Post Office Pack:  The *Gorilla* - the scarcest Australia face different PO pack by several miles, as it cost a FORTUNE back then.  I see one each few years or so. This larger sized B5 pack has all the current Defins right up to the 1966 Navigator set 6 in a Hagner type sheet inside.  The $4 King alone cost EIGHTY times the then 5c letter rate, i.e. a $56 stamp alone in buying power, on today’s 70c rate yardstick. So the pack was about $A150 type buying price, adjusted to today’s money.  Little wonder almost none sold! ASC P7 Cat. $450 and seldom seen. Fresh and un-opened. $A300 - (Order as stock number 439ZB)






GB Incredibly Fresh **MUH** 1879 2d Rosy Mauve QV with margin markings - $A250:  Scarce Plate 15 stamps, a real gem, from this corner in genuine MUH. 1879 Orbs Watermark, Plate 15. SG 51, £525 = $A1150 as hinged, overprinted CYPRUS, corner letters “A.L.” With a wonderful array of Circled “1” Control number, Crowned Vermillion Postage 2d audit handstamp, and “2d” Denomination marking on margin.  Also has slight double perfs on top 2 perfs all across, as can be seen by the larger top 2 holes on each row if you look closely. 

Also a double lined watermark down vertical selvedge, lettered MAD. The freshness is mind blowing for something 136 years old.  Been in the UK all its life until 2 weeks back, and indeed looks like it was printed 2 weeks back, it is so clean and fresh, with guaranteed ORIGINAL gum.  Light hinge in top margin only - stamp is absolutely pristine flat WHITE gum. Gibbons have one in their current retail list (with blemishes!) Lot 292, for TWICE this price!  Real Eye Candy at just - $A250 (Stock 294DX)    




GB 1880 2d Blue Plate 20, nice used BLOCK 4, SG £575 = $A1,265 - $A225:  Attractive looking BLOCK of SG 142, tied to small piece, by UPRIGHT dated “NOV 18 : 1880” Duplex LS-4 of Lombard Street London.  Nice deep original colour. USED blocks are rare as a single 1/- stamp was used 99% of the time.  SG Specialised cat J22m, for used block is 10 times a single = £575 ($A1,265) SG also says Add 100% for well centred lightly used and stamp 4 most certainly qualifies for that! $A225 (Stock 352JE)






Ascension Island First Day Cover Colls 1973 to 1991. SG Cat $1,400. $A400:  Ascension FDCs 1973 to 1991 x 115 different. SG Cat value £632 = $A1,400 as USED stamps - on FDC a large premium.  In two quality albums - retail $50 apiece. All Official PO unaddressed covers, the owner was getting direct from the Bureau.  My guess is FIVE HUNDRED mint sets of these exist for each FDC - few bothered with them, and The Crown Agents did not stock FDC generally, as "too hard" to order in from these remote island specks!

There are 115 FDC here. My price is a bit over 3 BUCKS A COVER. Mixed condition - some with traces of aging around stamp perfs etc. Mostly on cheaper sets actually. If soaked off as used, of course that will vanish.  To clear at about a QUARTER GIBBONS value of the used stamps - and the 2 albums retail $100 come "FREE"!  A TON more ix here -  Same estate also had near identical era FDC of St Helena, similar condition comments, also in 2 x quality albums retail $100. St Helena 1976 to 2000 - 103 covers - Cat as USED are £606.30 = $A1350. Also $A400 (Stock 948KR) or the BOTH collections for just $A750 (Stock 948KS)  The ASCENSION - $A400 - Just $US280! - Stock 948KT)





ITALY 1889 King Umberto 45c Dull Green MLH, Cat £2,500 for 8% of SG cat!:  Bought cheap and have several other Mint Italy from his era also cheap if you have gaps. MLH with  guaranteed ORIGINAL gum and usual centering of this era.  Deep rich original colour, a bargain at. SG #40 £2,500 = $A5,500.  Decent shape for 126 years old, and bought cheap to sell cheap at about 8% of SG Cat!  $A450  (Stock 634EK)





TASMANIA 1898 superb Mint 2d QV Pictorial View envelope:  The superb Waterlow & Sons London, printed classic, with detailed view by D.A. Warry of "On the North Esk Near Launceston".  In really excellent condition for 116 years old. Hinges on back from page mounting as usual, but clean and fresh and pristine and great appearance.  A popular and rare official Tasmania Post Office piece, of which only 312 were ever printed!  Only $US160.  $A225 (Stock 418EK)






QANTAS $2 Airbus A380 stamp, totally **IMPERFORATE** Block of 4 just $A40!: Australia Post released just 750 x IMPERFORATE uncut panes of mini sheets of 4 x $2 stamps. You needed to phone a special '800' number after midday, and maximum order was a sheet a person, and they sold out within hours as you'd expect. All the $2 stamps depict the massive Qantas Airbus A380.

Each sheet is foil numbered in lower right margin, and also comes with a hand numbered PO Certificate Of Guarantee that only 750 panes in TOTAL were sold, including all left and right panes. Indeed there were only 375 left pane and 375 x right pane ... both panes of 12 sheets are marked thus lower left. This is a Qantas Airbus A380 issue and that is a red hot theme, even for non stamp collectors.  And it is fully imperforate.  It is an 100% OFFICIAL PO issue, and one of the very smallest issues in the post war era.

It is limited, and has remained RED hot - just like the stamp border colour!  I obtained a few by paying folks $100 to sit on the phone for hours re-dialling until they got through!  Price per IMPERF pane is from $A40 full details here - with a LOT more photos of all the options and choices on these even full uncut sheets available for $A350 -  $A40 (Order as stock number 433VN)





New Zealand – KGVI reign  £3½ and £4½ "Arms" issue for tiny % of SG!  £4,250 for $A495:   Clean Fine Used, with no faults or repairs or embossing.  Cancelled with non-postal dated cancels, that many dealers would simply sell as “FU”.   A stamp pair missing from nearly all KGVI collections, worldwide.  SG Cat F 209 - £2,250 and SG F167 £2,000  for $A275 each or the both for $A495.  The fiscal copies of these usually have multiple ugly auditor hole punches, and/or pen or crayon cancels and/or heavy embossing “crimps” – or all 3!  Pop them on ebay, and you never do know!  I have a couple of each.  Sold for just a few % of the Gibbons cat for postal used.  Or buy the SG cat £4,250 pair = $A9,350 at just $US345 - $A495 the PAIR  (Stock number 502GL)





GB 1854 1/- Green, Queen Victoria Embossed, Vertical *PAIR*:  Any multiple of this top value is rare. SG lists a block of 4 used at £7,000 = $A15,400, but not pairs.  Clean used pair where the silk vertical security thread has been hinge reinforced on back as they split the paper most times.  SG 55 Cat £2,000 = $A4,400 as 2 singles. If the lower stamp were cut off it would yield a superb margin example as you can see. And a darn nice top stamp as well.  These stamps were HAND crimp embossed on thick white paper, and getting 4 clear margins is really tough. Light cancel for these of “Nov 24 : 54” - 161 years back!  Must be worth 9% MINIMUM of SG? Just $US275 - $A400 (Stock 735KA)




Australia 1977 Silver Jubilee PLATE PROOF BLOCK 4 at Quarter Cat!   Always a fast seller.  These are official PO plate proofs, and like all the others have some creasing.  ACSC 766PP(1) Cat $500 per imperf PAIR or $1,000 a block 4.  Seemed a real shame to cut it into pairs but if you want a pair, I will do that for $A140 .. your choice or top or bottom.  $A250  - (Order as stock number 225RL)





Australia 1954 3d Red Cross stamp, Matched Plate Number '2' and '3' blocks 6 MUH:  SG #276, lower right corner MUH blocks of 6, with Plate Nos '2' and '3' on outer margins. ACSC #312z. Really scarce .. near all were guillotined off when trimming down the sheets.  MANY times scarcer than current ACSC prices would suggest.  I see one block each few years. (12) Both fresh MUH, gum wrinkle on 1 stamp. $A200 (Order as stock number 143EY)






Bermuda 1920 2/- KGV,  VFU with *WATERMARKED REVERSED*,  Cat £2,500 for just $A1,500: One of the highest catalogued 20th Century Bermuda stamps - a true Classic from this super popular collecting area.  The reversed CA watermark shows perfectly and clearly and centrally on the reverse  as you can readily see, in the over-exposed image above of reverse, tweaked to highlight the CA letters. 

This is a huge bonus, as most reversed watermarks you need to peer and squint at, and still not be at all certain.  (SG of course lists all wmks as seen from the FRONT.)  Fine used and fresh - free of hinges, toning, thins and gunk, and beautifully centred.  With lightest face-free Parcel Post cds, and bright and attractive colour.  Be impossible to improve on this one methinks - for quality, appearance, or for price!  One THIRD of SG. SG 51bx £2,500 = $A5,500.  Just over $US1,000 -  $A1,500 (Stock 638HX)






Isle Of Man – BOTH the 1973 Definitives Colour Outer Border Errors:   I bought pairs of these from a well-known UK dealer.  Not really easy to tell apart unless you are experienced with them.  SG 17a and 18a  see SG cat here - -  Cat £125 each (=$A275),  i.e. £250 for one of each or cat £500 for a pair of each.  He guarantees these are the correct SG listed items. Mailed along with normals.  Gibbons have ONE stamp error on sale right now for £160=$A350!  A joined pair of each as shown above, Cat £500 (=$A1,200) fresh MUH for - $A175  (Order as stock number 735LP)




  Australia 99 scarce official perforated pair with GROSSLY misplaced perforations Seldom seen on the market and what a spectacular pair for just $A250!   There is a detailed article of these errors here - – where the full story of these, and photo of the machine that made them, and the OTHER sensational errors on these is outlined with many photos.  Also the same pair with PART perfs as shown above ( 3 different)  – also $A250 for that pair of sheets.  $A250 - (Order as stock number 785XR)  





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Most 4 figure items like these on this page only appear at public auction.  You THEN need to pay 15-20% extra on top of the hammer price - for the nasty, nasty "Buyer Commission".  As well the associated GST taxes, then added to that commission, and then GST added on the postage and handling and insurance etc.  AND then often another 3 on top of all that, to use a credit card like Amex or Diners!  So your invoice can often be 25% MORE than you bid.

These commissions pay for the MASSIVE overhead of the auctions. Their dozen or so staff, Director Fees, fancy rented buildings, Deluxe catalogues, and $2000 a page full colour ads in magazines all around the globe etc. I have none of this overhead.  I work on my own - from home. No rent, no staff, no fancy catalogues or $2000 ads. Just fast turnover and low prices, and a done on the CHEAP website as you can see!

All prices on this page are nett - NO extra taxes or commissions are added to the price.  KNOW in advance what you are up for!  And I NEVER charge buyers extra for using their credit card. NEVER.  That is absurd, and pure gouging, but the worlds leading auction houses seem to hate Amex cards as you will doubtless realise.

In my near 35 years full time selling stamps I have hardly auctioned one stamp.  I do not believe in it.  My huge website gets far more visitors than most large local auctions, and always has. Coming up to THREE MILLION visitors is living testament to that.  I am pleased to sell direct - at fair sensible prices, so you know EXACTLY where you stand. You buy direct off me, and YOU the customer get the savings.

And as many of my clients are overseas, remember EVERY price below is in AUSTRALIAN dollars.  For European buyers go check how cheap these "Pacific Peso" prices really are on:  And most importantly, the way I ship, you generally avoid the nasty UK 20% VAT - and the similar European and NZ and Canada import and GST taxes etc.

As with ALL my sales, payment is tailored to suit YOU.  If you see something for $A1,000 that will mean a divorce case if you buy it outright, I am happy to do a lay-by or layaway.  I can debit your credit card 4 debits of $250 or whatever suits. There is NO price penalty whatever for you to use this system - even if you use credit cards. Just let me know what suits.  Happy reading!  Glen 






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I am a Dealer Member in Good Standing Of:


Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for over 35 years.

Life Member - American Stamp Dealers' Association. (New York)
Also Member of: Philatelic Traders' Society. (London)




Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for 35 years. Life Member - American Stamp Dealers' Association. (ASDA - New York) Also Member - Philatelic Traders' Society

 (PTS London) and many other philatelic bodies.

ALL Postage + Insurance is extra. Visa/BankCard/MasterCard/Amex all OK, at NO fee, even for "Lay-Bys"!  All lots offered are subject to my usual Conditions of Sale, copy upon request .

Sydney's BIGGEST STAMP BUYER: Post me ANYTHING via Registered Mail for my same-day cheque.  Avoid copping the Now normal 45% Auction "Commissions" (20% Buyer + 15% Seller + GST, etc) AND their five-month delays!

 Read HERE for details.

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