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. Adolf Hitler “FUTSCHES REICH” (Ruined Empire) 12pf red 

Propaganda Forgery, Stamp Miniature Sheet of 4 flat MUH: 

Flat mint unhinged and fully imperforate.  The then current Hitler German 12pf letter rate stamp design lampooned with smiling Hitler ‘Death Mask’.   Originals were part of the World War 2 USA Office Of Strategic Services (OSS) “Operation Cornflake” propaganda campaign to undermine and demoralise the German public. 

Details of this wide ranging stamp propaganda campaign were not found until shortly after the death of wartime USA President Franklin D. Roosevelt - whose stamp collection was sold at auction, and official letters outlining this issue, and examples of the Hitler stamp forgeries,  were discovered among it.

The original "Skull" stamps were key part of a high level clandestine plan to undermine the morale of the average German citizen.  The Allies felt that if many German people started receiving Anti-Nazi propaganda in their morning mail delivered punctually at breakfast time by the mailman, they would feel that their "German Empire" was falling apart from within.

They were the brainchild of General "Wild Bill" Donovan, head of the OSS - the U.S. espionage agency during World War II (that later became the CIA) who ordered the original stamps printed by OSS operations in Switzerland.

The OSS decided that the best way to smuggle the mail into the regular German postal system was to bomb mail trains.  In addition to the bombs possibly destroying the trains, the bombers each dropped sacks of normal looking addressed mail, containing Anti-Nazi propaganda.  During the confusion of cleaning up the wrecks, the false mail sacks were mixed with the damaged genuine German mail. 

The OSS re-created all aspects of the German Postal system, from real business return addresses, to many thousands of names and addresses pulled from the existing telephone directories.  They even replicated the mail bags, postal markings, and every other detail of the postal system.  Every letter was franked with fake "Hitler" stamps.  On opening the letter, they would find it filled with anti-Nazi propaganda, often including a block of the 12pf red "Futsches Reich" Death Skull stamp. See link below.

"War is Hell" as we all know, and Donovan wrote to President Roosevelt: "Every fortnight approximately 500 to 1200 copies of the ‘Frankfurter Zeitung’ newspaper are likewise sent into Germany, where they are mailed to individuals whose addresses appear in the death notices of soldiers who are reported to have died for the Fatherland."

Roosevelt was a keen stamp collector, and was mailed copies of the Hitler forgeries for his own collection, and the website below even contains his “Thank You” letter for them being sent to him.

The original forgeries are fully catalogued in Michel, and of course are rare and expensive, and seldom are offered on the market.  A huge amount of detailed info on this amazing propaganda campaign, and the Hitler forgeries and reprints and all correspondence, can be found here:

I bought a small quantity of these mint unhinged reprint/forgery Miniature Sheets of 4 stamps, about 40 years ago, in my first year of stamp dealing, from an old dealer of Jewish background who lived in Bondi, and have not seen them since until cleaning up this month!  I have no idea of their origin, but they are obviously way over 40 years old, that you have my written guarantee on.   

Surely be a useful sideline addition for Judaica or Germany or USA or forgery collectors? 

Imperforate MUH Miniature Sheet as shown in photo $A30  (Stock 487AB - Approx $US21)

 Or for re-sellers etc per FIVE x MUH Mini Sheets -  $A90 (Stock 487AC - Very approx $US64)

Air post anywhere in the world $A3.  (100% at your own risk)

Signed For Air Post - for one or 5 sheets, anywhere in the world $A8. (Australia $A5)

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