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"Stamp Kiloware Offers"

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So do call back soon.


  Stamp Kiloware has dried up enormously in recent years.  I used to sell 1000 kilos a year just of Australian COMMEMORATIVE stamps alone!! True.

FAR less letter mail exists of course these days, than even a decade back, and the ranks of charity volunteers to collect and snip and sort it, have badly thinned at the same time, due to that rapidly aging demographic. Catch 22.

And what does get used now are mostly common definitives, with slits cut into them by printers, and then using non-soakable glue for the adhesive. Waste of time bothering buying that stuff.

Anything I do get in, I generally list at low fixed NETT prices on stampboards, and it sells pretty past - so do check in there to see what I have listed – click here – for all kinds of interesting and well-priced material! And NO nasty 20% Auction buyer fee either.

I do build up a kilo or so each 6 months of my legendary “Blue Chip Platinum Mix” at $A400 a kilo (Stock 782RQ)

High end material, that when a large shoe box of it fills up (about a kilo), it finds a new home FAST!  There is in fact often a waiting list, sight unseen.  Higher face value World, off heavy parcels, higher face values Australia, and postally used material from tiny and truly exotic countries, and little islands almost never seen on real mail.

Not the usual heavily picked over landfill dross offered by some dealers and auctions and eBay – no GB letter rate Machins, and USA common Defins etc!  But instead, REAL scarcer material, often valued at several dollars PER stamp, and on close snipped single paper. 1000s of stamps per kilo.

If I only have a half kilo on hand, I advise you of that, and I mail that out and charge $200 etc. - email me to check if I have anything in stock.



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Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for 35+ years. Life Member - American Stamp Dealers' Association. (ASDA - New York) Also Member - Philatelic Traders' Society (London) and IFSDA (Switzerland) and many other philatelic bodies

ALL Postage + Insurance is extra. Visa/BankCard/MasterCard/Amex all OK, at NO fee, even for "Lay-Bys"!  All lots offered are subject to my usual Conditions of Sale, copy upon request

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